His Fashion

I am doing this post for all my guy friends-

Let me start off by talking about my favorite trends for guys.

  • Striped Shirt (because I LOVE stripes)

Okay all this look requires is a striped long sleeved or short sleeved shirt with camel, black, or white pants, a simple belt, and cool sneakers. Or wear your striped shirt under a black leather jacket with dark jeans.

Take risks, like the guy below wore his simple shirt with green pants. The red stripe complements the green and it looks really hip and edgy. So try wearing a different shade of pants rather then your usual jeans!

Also it you can never go wrong with layers! So layer, layer, LAYER! For example, take your simple striped oxford shirt and wear it under your comfy sweater.

I love what the guy above did. He took a simple colored shirt and flipped the collar up under a maroon/purple(ish) colored shirt, and finished the look with a jean jacket. You may be surprised with how cool your layers can look. Also, never forget your sunglasses when you go outside!!

  • Or simply take a collared shirt and wear it under a long sleeved shirt or blazer. Blazers always suit guys really well, but only wear them to special occasions.

I know you are not huge fans of these singers, (believe me I am not either) but take it from them, they know what they are doing! They are great trend setters for guys. Harry’s look is my favorite, and I am sure many of you agree with me. The black leather pants add edge and casualness to the bow tie that he wore with the pink shirt and gray cardigan. Notice how he flipped the ends of the sleeves up and over the cardigan. This is really stylish right now for both women and men.

  • Just because you are a guy doesn’t mean you can’t wear pink!! Girls find the color pink on guys really attractive, and pink is a wonderful preppy color! Just wear a leather vest or jacket with it, to add some male flare. Only a real man can wear pink, as many ladies say!

guy in pinkimages-16

Some DO NOT”S-

  • Don’t wear Flip flops & socks. 
  • Don’t wear  anything with “Old Navy” written on it, it just looks cheap and silly! Not stylish;)
  • Can I just add don’t EVER use hair gel!
  • Unless you are a model on a runway or going to the gym just don’t wear these horrid sports pants with the stripes on the side and that are like shiny or red in public.
  • I know you love that sweatshirt, but try to wear it less…okay;)?

This is cool:

This is not:

  • Don’t Sag. I don’t want to see your sponge bob boxers, no matter how cool you think they are. And you can’t walk anyway right?! Just pull your pants up!

Some more inspiration:

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~Miri xo

His Fashion