Show Off Your Tan in Style!

Hellooo to all of you sun-kissed goddesses!

I just got back from my trip to Utah, Arizona, and Las Vegas and it was really warm there most of the time. So because I tan easily and don’t use much sunscreen, which I know is horrible, my skin got a little darker. I personally love a little bit of a tan on what was my pale winter skin, so I use clothes to make my skin look brighter, warmer, and darker. In the winter, white clothing tends to wash people out, however when you are tan, white is the best option to make your skin appear darker. Neon and pastel colors are also a great way to accentuate your tan because they provide a contrast to your skin color that will make your tan stand out. Coral is another trendy color that will make your complexion appear warmer and will bring out even the smallest amount of sun your skin has absorbed. If you are really tan, the color gold is a really great option because will look make you feel like a gorgeous tanned goddess! I hope you are all having a warm spring or are looking forward to a hot summer because I certainly am! Grab some inspiration for how to rock your tan from these pictures:


white HAUTE & REBELLIOUS jumper - gold all gold HAUTE & REBELLIOUS accessories

Coral Outfit Ideas - Coral Skirt

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Show Off Your Tan in Style!

Nude Flats

This shoe can be worn all year round and there should always be a place for it in your closet. They are a good alternative to nude heels because they are casual and like nude goes with everything so no matter what outfit you come up with, you can pair it with these flats. The color of these shoes immediately suggests ballet and girly innocence. If you do not have a pair of these lovelies in your possession then I would keep an eye out for them in stores. Nude flats come in many different tones like tan, soft pink, beige, and so on. It’s kind of like choosing your facial foundation. And they are fabulous for mostly every occasion!


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Nude Flats

Gossip Girl Sports Yellow

Instantly brighten up your day with this sunny color. Yellow looks really pretty with baby blue, silver, and even orange! I would do a light pink lip with any outfit that focuses on the color yellow. While re-watching one of my favorite episodes from the stylish show Gossip Girl, I fell in love with the summer outfits that the characters were wearing. In one of scenes, all of the girls were wearing an ensemble which involved the happy color yellow, take an example from all of these outfits and create your own! 🙂









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Gossip Girl Sports Yellow

Spring Just Happened!

Aaahh spring is here! Finally the time for floral prints, flats, skirts, printed pants, sunshine, and a fresh breath of air.



Unfortunately for me, the state I live in still has snow on the ground! But, it still feels like spring, and the snow is melting. I was so excited to wear my spring outfit on March 20th. I wore a long sleeved floral shirt with military green jeans and brown boots. 🙂 The picture below is sort of what it looked like.


Now that it is getting warmer, it is time to take your summer dresses out of that box in the back of your closet! If it is still cold but you are feeling in a “springy” mood, then just wear your dress with tights, boots, and a cardigan or jean jacket. Just layer. And although I love stripes and polka dots, spring is the perfect time to frolic in a floral dress!  I promise you, you will get plenty of compliments.


I know you have got to be sick of jeans, Uggs, and sweat shirts, it is time to dress girlier. As long as you don’t look like Peter Pan or  Little Red Riding Hood, then you can be bold and wear colored tights. It is trendy right now!

I really, really, love printed pants. Sometimes, they can be over the  top but you can make your look more grounded. Try pairing a pair of celestial print pants with a basic and solid colored shirt with a blazer and nude heels. Or wear a jean jacket.

timex03 201211_ovspants_08-650x433

201301_prisonbreak_08-650x975 8463242657_75268600fe_o

You must master the art of layering clothing. Here are some tips on how to do this: Decide on as many different combinations of clothing as you can. You can choose different necklines, collars, sleeve lengths, and hemlines.


Go crazy with the spring fashion trends guys, it’s spring!

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Spring Just Happened!