Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid perfection I tell you, maybe the best liquid makeup ever invented. Liquid eyeliner has been around for a really long time, like it’s OLD, it was first worn in Mesopotamia and the Ancient Middle East. And a little later Egyptians became very famous for their heavy black eyeliner, which usually was drawn in a winged shape, when Tutankhamun’s tomb was found in the 1920’s. It is said that they wore the eyeliner to protect themselves from the “Evil Eye”. However, as the liquid eyeliner trend spread to the rest of the world it began to make its way down fashion runways and women began to apply this effortlessly beautiful makeup and not be criticized for it.

Vouge's Iconic Cover:  Bold Drama With "Winged" Liner

The Allure Of "Winged" Eyeliner (Iconic Supermodel, Linda Evangelista)

The eyeliner’s main goal is to create thicker and lusher looking lashes. Honestly, if you already have black or even brown lashes I wouldn’t even bother putting on the mascara because the liner basically fulfills the mascara’s job. The line is so clean-cut and the color is so pigmented, that a mascara is simply not needed. Furthermore, liquid eyeliner makes your water line look darker, which draws attention to your eye, and if you wing the liner then your eyes will look wider and larger. Liquid liner is something you just can’t skip in your makeup routine. It truly is instant fabulousness!

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Liquid Eyeliner

Pop Of Color – Summer Makeup

Hi ladies!

My newest summer makeup obsession is colorful eye shadow or eyeliner! I got inspired by Bethany Mota’s water-proof makeup look. She is a fabulous fashion/makeup vlogger, if you guys don’t know her you should check her channel out! In her look, she showed how to apply purple cream eye shadow to the lower lash line with a thin makeup brush. I thought this was a really pretty summer look that anyone could rock! These are pictures from her video that I am just sharing with you to show you how to create this awesome look for the warm days ahead!

Step one:


Step two:



Step 3, smile and be confident with your new vibrant eyes!



I personally love this pretty purple color that she chose, I would  totally wear it myself, but you can try other colors as well. Light colors like baby blue and light pink also look great, if you have darker skin you can even try colors like yellow, orange, and green, if you are feeling bold.

Tip: Apply a colorful eyeliner/shadow to only your upper OR lower lash line, while also keeping the rest of your makeup neutral.

Have a fantastic start of summer!

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Pop Of Color – Summer Makeup