Find Your Style Through Minimalism

Imagine a closet with only your favorite clothes and a room with less stuff.

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Minimalism is all about owning only what is useful to you. I took this concept and decided to completely re-do my closet. I have recently found it very difficult to simply wake up in the morning and put together an outfit in less than five minutes. I would look at my mess of clothes and only see clothes that I don’t feel comfortable in, that I don’t feel confident in, or that I simply don’t like.

I was tired of waiting for college to pick out the clothes that I actually like and take them with me. First, I went through every single item in my closet and sorted my clothes into three categories: keep, toss, or maybe. “Keep” means I wear the clothing item often and I love it. “Toss” means I have not worn it in a very long time and I won’t miss it. “Maybe” means I don’t quite love it but I tend to wear it often. I put the “maybes” away in my closet to see if I would reach for them. If I didn’t reach for them then I would eventually toss them.

After I was finished I was left with only the clothes that I actually wear and love. I also had way more space and my room just seemed cleaner and not as cluttered anymore. Since it used to be difficult for me to dig through all of my clothes and find an outfit, I would always try to pick out my outfit the night before. However after donating the “tosses” and organizing my closet, I woke up the next morning and picked out an outfit in one minute. It was so easy to just look in my closet and see only everything that I like.

I am not suggesting to go through extreme minimalism and only leave yourself with the clothes that are useful to you because then you don’t get to have a variety of options. I chose to use some concepts of minimalism to decrease the size of my wardrobe and have only all of my staples and pieces that I love to wear left in my closet.

By being really honest with yourself and deciding what clothes you actually wear and enjoy, you will start to figure out your style. You will find find that putting together outfits and feeling confident in them will be so much easier. Not only was this process a magical de-stresser but it also saves so much time and is definitely a great way to help you find a personal style!

Have a fantastic week! Let me know if you decide to do this or have done this!


Find Your Style Through Minimalism