Palsaderm Buddy: Sonic Facial Brush Review

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Skin care is very important, so that is why I am sharing this awesome product with you guys. Many of you have probably seen advertisements or own a large sonic face brush. This face brush, Pulsaderm Buddy, is half the size and still has the same amount of power. Pulsaderm is a line of skincare devices designed and assembled in the U.S that help enhance the health of skin with expertly engineered skin care solutions. I have been using this face brush every morning and evening and I love how it feels on my skin. My face feels really clean and smooth afterwards because of the Pulsaderm Buddy’s micropulses which clean deeply to get rid of any dirt, makeup, or oil. Its concave-shaped bristles allow the brush to reach all parts of my face that are difficult to reach, so it is a perfect tool to wash my face with. I also love how small it is; it fits in the palm of my hand and it’s really cute! Its convenient size allows me to take it on vacation with me and fit it into a travel-sized bag. When I first received my package I was pleasantly surprised that the Pulsaderm Buddy came in a cute silver travel-sized makeup bag. It also came with batteries (but the face brush has a super long battery life) as well as two replaceable brush heads. Another great thing about this facial cleansing tool is that it’s also a beauty tool. One of the replaceable brush heads sold on their website is actually a makeup sponge brush made for applying foundation; which is really cool and useful!



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Palsaderm Buddy: Sonic Facial Brush Review

The White Eyeliner Trick

There are many tricks to making your eyes appear larger, and using white eyeliner to enhance your eyes is one of them. I have watched many beauty gurus on YouTube talk about the benefits of white eyeliner, so I decided to try it out. Besides lining the waterline, there are other makeup tricks with this liner as well. You can trace the inner “V” corner of your eyes, under the eyebrow, and above the cupid’s bow to brighten up those areas. Make sure to blend the white color properly when applying it to the skin.

As you can see from the picture below; my right eye looks bigger because of the white eyeliner on my waterline.


For a bold look that can be seen on runways, trace your whole eye, wing out the liner, or blend the liner into the crease of your eye.

What do you think of this makeup look?

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The White Eyeliner Trick

Time Saving Fashion Tips

I love to sleep as much as possible, a girl has to have her beauty sleep right? I try to save myself time in the morning with these tips so that I can get out my door in half an hour.

1) Pick out your outfit the night before. You might even want to try on the outfit the night before to make sure you like how it looks. You don’t want to put on the outfit in the morning only to spend an extra seven minutes picking out a new outfit.

2) Decide if you will wear makeup that day the night before. This may sound silly, but mentally telling yourself if you will or put on makeup the night before will save you any time that you would have spent contemplating if you should apply makeup or not.

3) If it is necessary, straighten your hair the night before instead of in the morning. Curling your hair the night before is debatable because curls will often loose their bounciness overnight, however straight hair usually remains straight the next morning.

4) Shower the night before. If you can stand not taking a ten minute shower to wake yourself up in the morning then opt for a shower before you go to bed.

5) Know what the weather will be the entire week so that you can choose your outfits based on the forecast.

6) Organize your closet. Divide your closet by putting the pants, skirts, and tights in one area, shirts in the other, and so on. This way, you will find it much easier and much faster to find where certain pieces of clothing are located.

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Time Saving Fashion Tips

Simple Eyeliner Tip

Instead of lining your entire eye, meaning both your upper and lower waterlines, or whatever you usually do, I suggest to  just outline the outer corner of your eye. The aim of this trick is to elongate and focus on your natural eye shape. This is just a look for when you don’t have time to do your regular liner, because this is really quick and easy to do. This will probably look more neat if you just do it with brown liner, but if you want to go for black liner, it could look great as well.

Here is how (please excuse my poor drawing) :


Displaying photo 1.JPG

This is how it will look:

Displaying photo 2.JPG



Before you leave my blog: I would like to give an awesome fashion blog and boutique, Lavo Collections, a shout-out! Lavo Collections is a fabulous store boutique, with several locations in Texas, and it has an online website where you can order their clothing. They keep up with all of the latest and cutest trends, so be sure to check out their blog as well as their online store:

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Simple Eyeliner Tip

Mode A La Lorde

Ella Yelich-O’Connor, stage name Lorde, is already becoming a fashion and music icon at the young age of 17. Lorde is a singer that has made her way into the music world with her popular song “Royals” in 2013. But she has proven to be more then just a singer, she has also become a fashion inspiration for women and young girls like herself. While some people are inspired by her music, I am inspired by her style. Lorde is much wiser and then your typical selfie-obsessed high schooler and has an interesting and grown-up outlook on life. Her music has important and inspiring messages for people, unlike other young pop stars like Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez. Unlike these stars who only wear leotards now it seems, Lorde enjoys long dresses, chunky shoes, and pants. When I say chunky shoes by the way, I mean hideously over sized goth-clown inspired shoes. But she makes those hideous shoes look cool so its okay. As for her accessories, she sports a lot of thin bracelets and rings.

Let’s talk about Lorde’s hair. I think I love it a little too much. It’s quite similar to mine actually; crazy curly waves. But she flaunts it, unlike myself who usually finds an excuse to not wear my hair down. Good luck finding a picture of Lorde with straight hair on Google- because it most likely, does not exist. I wish that everyone would just love their hair as much as she does. Not only is her hair just amazing, but her confidence shines through it and makes it even more exquisite. Take an example from Lorde, and wear your hair naturally. I promise, your hair is beautiful, now put down that straightener.


Lorde has fair porcelain skin, which she usually compliments with her go-to gothic/vamp look. To create this look simply use a concealer to hide any blemishes. Then take black liquid liner and wing it! Dab some sparkly eye shadow (one with a glowing effect) in your inner corners. Use only one layer of brown mascara for your top and bottom lashes. For the last step take a dark purple lipstick and apply it onto your lips. Complete the look with a dab of pink gloss. She is known for her purple lipsticks and I commend her for it! Honestly, I am over the pink lipsticks, bring on the purple! However, this is her fancy look, her more natural and simple makeup includes a light pink lip and a thin line of liquid eyeliner or smudged pencil liner on the top lid.


Thank you for reading my first post of 2014!

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Mode A La Lorde

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid perfection I tell you, maybe the best liquid makeup ever invented. Liquid eyeliner has been around for a really long time, like it’s OLD, it was first worn in Mesopotamia and the Ancient Middle East. And a little later Egyptians became very famous for their heavy black eyeliner, which usually was drawn in a winged shape, when Tutankhamun’s tomb was found in the 1920’s. It is said that they wore the eyeliner to protect themselves from the “Evil Eye”. However, as the liquid eyeliner trend spread to the rest of the world it began to make its way down fashion runways and women began to apply this effortlessly beautiful makeup and not be criticized for it.

Vouge's Iconic Cover:  Bold Drama With "Winged" Liner

The Allure Of "Winged" Eyeliner (Iconic Supermodel, Linda Evangelista)

The eyeliner’s main goal is to create thicker and lusher looking lashes. Honestly, if you already have black or even brown lashes I wouldn’t even bother putting on the mascara because the liner basically fulfills the mascara’s job. The line is so clean-cut and the color is so pigmented, that a mascara is simply not needed. Furthermore, liquid eyeliner makes your water line look darker, which draws attention to your eye, and if you wing the liner then your eyes will look wider and larger. Liquid liner is something you just can’t skip in your makeup routine. It truly is instant fabulousness!

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Liquid Eyeliner

Pop Of Color – Summer Makeup

Hi ladies!

My newest summer makeup obsession is colorful eye shadow or eyeliner! I got inspired by Bethany Mota’s water-proof makeup look. She is a fabulous fashion/makeup vlogger, if you guys don’t know her you should check her channel out! In her look, she showed how to apply purple cream eye shadow to the lower lash line with a thin makeup brush. I thought this was a really pretty summer look that anyone could rock! These are pictures from her video that I am just sharing with you to show you how to create this awesome look for the warm days ahead!

Step one:


Step two:



Step 3, smile and be confident with your new vibrant eyes!



I personally love this pretty purple color that she chose, I would  totally wear it myself, but you can try other colors as well. Light colors like baby blue and light pink also look great, if you have darker skin you can even try colors like yellow, orange, and green, if you are feeling bold.

Tip: Apply a colorful eyeliner/shadow to only your upper OR lower lash line, while also keeping the rest of your makeup neutral.

Have a fantastic start of summer!

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Pop Of Color – Summer Makeup

My Spring Designs

Spring break has given me some time to just think and draw… So, I came up with some spring outfits inspired by the trends this year. If this was my clothing line I would name it, Trend Setter. I hope you like 🙂

hihi hithere


loo awwyoyohithere

Love you guys! Please don’t forget to tell me what you think in the comments 🙂


My Spring Designs

Colored Mascara

This trend is seen all over the place during New York Fashion Week and I have to say that this is an “odd” makeup trend is surprisingly super attractive. It bring so much sparkle and light and interest to your eyes, which let’s face it, is a great feature on just about everybody. It also makes the white of your eyes pop making them look big and beautiful with less yellow tint. I’m not sure if it’s good for a more conservative office environment but on a weekend with a bare face, I think this look totally rocks. Confidence is key! In my opinion it is not okay to wear anything other than black or brown unless you have perfect skin, and a young face. Believe me, I saw an old woman wearing blue mascara and it just looked really silly and weird. Look for colored mascara in stores like Dior, Maybelline, YSL, and Sephora. The most populair color is blue but purple and green are got too. To not look really over the top just put the colored mascara on the top lash and brown or black mascara on the bottom lash. Finish off the look with a light pink or nude lip with some gloss.  What do you think of this look?

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Colored Mascara