The Kardashians Love Turtlenecks

These sisters have been pulling off this stylish trend for quite a while now. Whether you like the trend or not, is a matter of preference, but I believe it is timeless and will never leave the fashion world. If you were keeping up with the sisters then you may have noticed the evolution of their style. They have been updating their style and keeping old trends like turtlenecks looking modern and fashionable. Kendall has been spotted sporting a cropped turtleneck sweater several times. I think she made the cropped turtleneck sweater look super cute and her outfit is easy to copy and recreate. The turtleneck is a simple piece and can be boring if not worn correctly, but the Kardashians turned it into a fashion statement. They paired the staple with bold items like leather, red lipstick, colorful skirts, and more. The turtleneck is one of Kim’s signature looks and she demonstrates that even while being completely covered up one can still look fabulous and sexy. Don’t forget that this classic staple has been worn by style icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie O. The Kardashians have often took an example from Audrey Hepburn and styled her classic black turtleneck look in their own way. The Kardashians like everyone, have made their share of fashion mistakes but here are some examples of when they were fashionably on point in their turtleneck shirts.


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The Kardashians Love Turtlenecks

Happy (Fashionable) Mother’s Day!

Today is that lovely time of the year when children honor their mothers, and as my mother’s day gift I decided to showcase the best outfits that my mom had worn these past years. I think my mom has a fantastic taste in fashion and my favorite pictures of her are when she is in her 20’s in Europe. However, since these outfits are a bit “old-fashioned” and vintage I recreated her outfits into a modern style. I hope you will enjoy these photos as much as I do!








collared shirt















Happy Mother’s Day!

And love you mom, you are the best mom in the whole wide world (one of my go-to phrases when I was little)! ❤

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Happy (Fashionable) Mother’s Day!

How to: stylish guy without being flamboyant

Every girl loves a sharply-dressed and stylish guy. Some good stores for guys to shop at are: L.L. Bean, J.Crew, Banana Republic, H&M, Target, Levi’s Jeans, Urban Outfitters, Gap, and Old Navy. Below I’ve provided several outfit ideas with detailed descriptions and suggestions for where to acquire some of these much-needed clothing items: 

You know this guy is really cool as soon as you see him. He simply took a gray fitted hoody (notice that fitted hoodys look great and really cool on both guys and girls) and complimented it with my favorite colored pants for men, which have just a touch of sag to them, and clean white kicks. Owning a pair of white kicks is an excellent idea, for they go with everything and spice up a dull colored outfit.


caramel pants:

white sneakers:

Girls: you may recognize this pretty face from Vampire Diaries, but guys, take a look at this great outfit. Striped shirts of any kind are a must have in your closet, they are snazzy and absolutely delightful, plus girls love stripes on guys. Over the striped shirt he wears a white cardigan. Now I admit that a cardigan may be a difficult piece for a regular guy to pull off, but it really completes his outfit and gives a look of comfort. But of course the best item from this outfit is the combat boots…um hot. High five to the stylist. You can team combat boots up with formal attire or a simple jeans and T-shirt look. The best way to wear them is by tucking in your jeans into your boots. But avoid overly saggy or buggy jeans.


white knit zip cardigan:

striped tee:–1/65-percent-off-and-above/-24152–1?d1=SEARCHH&cm_mmc=Google-_-PLA-_-NA-_-NA&ef_id=UgkOFAAABaCtRimw:20131229190210:s

black combat boots:

Bring out your inner hipster with this kind of an outfit. Who knows, maybe it’ll be your thing? This gentleman wears a washed-down tribal print button down with rolled-up sleeves. Since the shirt is rather large, he paired it with skinny jeans. If skinny jeans are out of your comfort zone, then you can try fitted pants. Fitted pants are the balance between skinny or and saggy. If you are having a bad hair day, a beanie would be perfect to hid that hair, but it also looks great in general, and with almost any casual outfit. To avoid looking cheap and rugged, he wore nice boat shoes.


brown boat shoe:

tribal 80’s print sweater:


Those are sweat pants but they’re not! You gotta love those pants. He matched a long sleeve black shirt with a white shirt under it and really sweet black and white shoes. Wonderful.


black and white vans:

long sleeve black shirt:

I always say that layering is really important. One of the easiest layers you could do is take a collared long sleeve and slip it under a sweater one or two times bigger. The collared shirt can be a different pattern or color, experiment!


collared shirt:

navy sweater:

brown boots:


That about covers it! Good luck!

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How to: stylish guy without being flamboyant