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My Favorite Fall Trends!!

29 Aug


The first fall trend that I am obsessed with is mini skirts! They have made a come back from the 90s with people wearing a variety of different skirts such as pocket skirts, jean skirts, and high-waisted skirts. These are awesome for showing off your legs and overall look really great paired with a sweater or crop top.


Another skirt trend I love for the fall is the pencil skirt. Pencil skirts of all kinds flatter all body types and can be dressed up and dressed down. While many pencil skirts are made out of thin fabric, you can also find cozy knitted pencil skirts that function better for chilly weather.


Boyfriend jeans are another very trendy item for fall. They look so laid back, cool, and are super comfy!


My last favorite is the turtleneck crop top. This top is a little bit odd because its knit and sleeveless; therefore people normally don’t know how to wear it for days that are chilly. However, this problem is easily solved because it looks really cute under a cardigan or jacket! I prefer the long sleeve turtleneck crop top that looks amazing with anything that is high waisted.






Tell me what your favorite trend for fall is!

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New York Fashion Week

12 Sep

I need a ticket to New York! I am dying to see these amazing fashion pieces in person. I picked out some outfits that I love which were worn on and off the runway.This clothing is actually meant to showcase spring/summer fashion but a lot of the clothing can be used as inspiration for your fall style. For spring of 2015 you will still be seeing floral prints, crisp collars, metallic colors, fringed accessories and clothing , dressed up skirts, pop art prints, color blocking, midriffs, and so much more that I cannot simply list off in one sentence!














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Be The Trendsetter

25 Aug

Often times, girls tend to dress like clones and just copy everything that other girls wear to look cool. Try to refrain from purchasing all of your clothing from Hollister and Lululemon simply because that is the “thing” to do. It is best to buy clothing that looks great on you and still looks fashionable! Purchase clothing from all different stores, while still keeping tabs on fashion trends. Don’t only limit yourself to purchasing expensive clothing, you can buy excellent second hand clothing but for much less money from many stores as well. Look for clothing that fits your personality and that people will recognize as your style! Be the girl that looks stylish and cute, instead of the girl that blends into the crowd and looks like everyone else….be a trendsetter. Look different then others yet still look much more fashion forward! If others like what you are wearing, then they will catch on, and it is likely that you will see some people wearing the same clothing the next week. Keep in mind, however, that setting trends does not mean you have to create a completely new trend that was entirely unheard of. Instead, follow trends that are all the rage in fashion but that most people have not caught on to.


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Shopping in the Men’s Section

8 Dec

Hello Lovelies!

I know I am not the only one that notices the clothing in the guy’s section once in a while. Clothing in the girl’s section can get repetitive and old! So my recommendation? Keep your eyes open in both the women and men’s sections. Spotted a comfy striped sweater from the male section? Go for it! Ignore the dirty stares, you know you will rock that sweater girl! I am envious of my friends with older brothers because they can borrow their sweaters, but you can also look into your Dad’s old sweaters! I raided my dad’s closet and found a sweater which he doesn’t wear very often. I tied a knot to make it look less baggy, rolled up the sleeves, and it turned out to look like a cute over sized sweater that I can wear on my lazy and cold days! But if you do wear a boyfriend sweater or shirt then make sure you still look feminine, you don’t want to look like you are one of the guys! You want to make a statement by saying that you can wear a guy sweater and still look very feminine and pretty! My recommendation is to add some mascara and some red lipstick and make your hair look nice as well. If the sweater is very long then simply leave it long as if it were a dress and slide into some leggings or black tights (make sure it covers your ‘derier’!). If the shirt is not that long then roll the ends up, tuck it in, whatever you want to do, and wear some skinny jeans! Do not forget to accessorize with fun necklaces and shoes! What do you think of this trend?


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3 Dec

A little inspiration for your sweet fashion style 😉


I came across that photo and was stunned by how adorable and cool it was.



Those polka dots look like gumballs to me! However, candy hued clothing doesn’t mean your dress has to have a lollipop print on it. It just means the colors are candy inspired. Go for bright and fun colors or subtle and cute.



Literally Eye Candy



“Brighten up your day with clothing and accessories reminiscent of being a kid in a candy store.” (http://www.sheknows.com)

I love the combination of a soft baby blue with a subtle pink. It brings cotton-candy to life! It also brings me back to the time when I was a child, eating and having fun with cotton candy!

Candy-colored dress by Lukas

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Square Neckline Dresses

20 Oct

A square neckline dress reveals just the right amount of skin and makes you look fabulous! This type of neckline cut is my favorite on dresses right now. It enhances your assets and elongates your neck. I recommend a push up bra ;). Pair your dress with a waist clenching belt and pointed heels. Which dress is your favorite from the pictures below?

Here are some pictures to inspire you:

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