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Prom Dress Finds Under $200!!!

25 Apr

Hello lovelies,

It is that time of the year again; prom! Prom is when a girl is asked by a boy to a dance at her high school and gets to wear a beautiful dress and have her makeup, nails, and hair done. It can be difficult to find the perfect dress, but have no fear, I have found some gorgeous dresses that you might like!

I love this light pink dress because the minimal details make it look simple and polished yet the dress still looks appropriate for a fancy night like prom. This cute dress look great with jewelry and silver or nude heels.



This is also a simple dress but the back of it is what really makes the dress a unique one.

white dress

Clearly you are getting the point that I love when the back of a dress is interesting. This dress is perfect for a girly girl because of the giant bow which I think looks so awesome. People will definitely remember this fun dress.







This black dress is great for a girl who has edgy style. You don’t have to wear a colorful dress with sparkles. You can express yourself however you want and wear something that fits your personal style. I love the black color for this dress with the amazing back. Pull the look together with red lipstick and a pair of black heels.






May the odds be ever in your favor for finding a perfect dress!

-Miri xx

Oscar De La Renta

21 Oct

I walked into the fashion class that I take at my school today and was immediately informed by the class that Oscar De La Renta had passed away. The fashion world lost an amazing designer today; however, Oscar De La Renta’s work and great achievements in fashion will not be forgotten. Oscar began his work as a Dominican fashion designer. At the age of 19 he moved to Spain and his fashion career bloomed from there as he moved to Paris and then to New York. In the 1960s Oscar became internationally known as one of Jacqueline Kennedy’s couturiers. He became a highly respected and established American designer. Oscar designed his garments with elegance and believed that the women who wore his pieces must feel and look beautiful. My favorite looks by Oscar De La Renta are his wedding dresses, runway looks, and red carpet dresses. Here are some of these beautiful pieces:

Oscar de la Renta in Vogue

Kate Upton in Oscar de la Renta Vogue

Oscar de la Renta in Vogue Amal Alamuddin

Oscar de la Renta in Vogue

Oscar de la Renta

Thank you for reading!

~Miri xx

How To: Skirts/Dresses In Winter

23 Jan

People often catch me wearing my summer dresses and skirts during the winter. I don’t understand why people don’t do the same, everyone packs away their skirts and dresses and only re-open that part of their closet again when the snow begins to melt. Sometimes I admit, my prints are too tropical for the winter, but a simple floral dress or a frilly, pencil, circle, or maxi skirt is perfect for even the cold days.

To keep yourself warm, get yourself into some tights, slide into some cute legwarmers, and throw on a cardigan; this creates the ultimate cozy look. I always opt for my classic black tights but at the bottom of my drawer, I have my awesome burgundy tights waiting for me, so I’ll have to take a risk and try to rock those eventually. I recommend you also experiment with colorful or patterned tights, but please restrain yourself from looking like you’re in a Halloween costume. Now, you can wear really any of your summer dresses but there are dresses actually meant for freezing weather too. For example, long-sleeved, wool, or maxi dresses and skirts are perfect for winter. Finish your look with riding boots, if the dress is above your knees, combat boots, or ankle boots.

Thank you for reading!
~Miri xx
PS- I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been studying away for finals week :-/

Square Neckline Dresses

20 Oct

A square neckline dress reveals just the right amount of skin and makes you look fabulous! This type of neckline cut is my favorite on dresses right now. It enhances your assets and elongates your neck. I recommend a push up bra ;). Pair your dress with a waist clenching belt and pointed heels. Which dress is your favorite from the pictures below?

Here are some pictures to inspire you:

Thank you for reading!

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~Miri xxx


Long Sleeved Dresses

4 Sep

Long sleeved dresses are perfect for fall and winter, obviously because when it’s cold you want to have sleeves to keep yourself warm! These dresses can look very conservative and normal so it is okay to go a bit shorter on the length or with cleavage. Long sleeve dresses are very stylish this year and perfectly suitable for the winter season. This trend gives you a simple worm look, so you must choose the right long sleeve dress for the right occasion. These dresses can be worn day and night.


This is a bold and very much unexpected turn for the more modest styled dress. However, to keep the look fresh and not sterile, pair your look with bold colored accessories. I would wear a lipstick red heel with this dress and a matching thin red belt too. Accessories and heels in either black or royal blue would also work well with a white long-sleeved dress.




This modern addition will make your look more youthful and sexy while still being reminiscent of the past with the long sleeves. Decorative cuff bracelets and a bold cocktail ring will catch the eye of the observer and make your frock look more modern.


Don’t be afraid to add some color by wearing colored tights!

Image  The dress above is a very modern, everyday, and casual outfit. To make the outfit look laid back add a belt and roll up the sleeves a bit. You might even want to buy the dress a size bigger! 😉


There are so many styles of long sleeved dresses nowadays, there are dresses for every occasion, style & look if you want look funky & cool so you must get a long sleeved dress this winter because it’s so trendy & simple. You can rock your long sleeved dress!


You can still look young and cool in a long sleeved maxi dress if you style it correctly and if it fits your figure well. If you don’t have something close to a model body this may not be the dress for you. Go for a less tight and shorter dress instead. Style the dress with a very long necklace. As for shoes wear the dress with ankle boots.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Miri

Worst dressed at Teen Choice Awards

9 Aug

There were three outfits that did not impress me at all. Let’s take a look:


Demi’s wild peacock dress was hideous. I understand that Demi was trying to look edgy and wild but the dress just ended up looking like a hot mess to me. It looks like the designer of the dress took his inspiration from wildlife and incorporated elements reminiscent of both birds and bees, resulting in a much too busy dress. Demi may as well have been a character in the musical, “The Lion King.” Feathers can be a nice touch occasionally, but in this particular dress, they didn’t make sense and just seemed out of place and messy. I also noticed that Demi’s breast was peaking out of the side of her dress, which was not sexy, but downright trashy. The dress was not flattering on Demi because it was too short, bringing attention to her larger thighs. A longer dress may have given her legs extra length and made them look slimmer. I will admit, the shoes were a good choice, and her face is pretty, as always. But the dress didn’t do her justice. What did you think?


Who wears a black sweatshirt and metallic pants together? First of all who even wears metallic pants?! The teen choice awards is an event for pretty dresses and fancy clothes. I don’t understand this look. These pants would work better as a costume, maybe Kat Deeley could rock this look for Halloween. 😉


This one hits me close to home because I’m such an enormous fan of the adorable Ashley Benson. The Pretty Little Liars star attempted a sultry look with a Monique Lhuillier bodice, but those pants just don’t work for her shape. Ashley has a fabulous figure, so I don’t know why she would hide it underneath those ill-fitting pants! Ashley should have worn a short black pencil skirt instead of the pants which are doing nothing for her body.