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My Favorite Fall Trends!!

29 Aug

Hey everyone!

Here is a list of some really cute fashion trends I am loving this fall.

The first trend I am loving is all different types of mini skirts like pocket skirts, jean skirts, and high waisted skirts. These are awesome for showing off your legs and overall look really great paired with a sweater or crop top.



Another skirt trend I am loving is the pencil skirt. Pencil skirts of all kinds really do flatter all body types so this is a great trend for fall. While many pencil skirts are made out of thin fabric, many stores have started selling cozy knit ones that will keep your legs warm. Pencil skirts are also great because you can dress them up dress them down easily.


Boyfriend jeans are another very trendy item for fall. They look so laid back and cool and are super comfy!


My last favorite is the turtleneck crop top. This top is a little bit odd because its knit and sleeveless; therefore people normally don’t know how to wear it for days that are chilly. However, this problem is easily solved because it looks really cute under a cardigan or jacket! I prefer the long sleeve turtleneck crop top that looks amazing with anything that is high waisted.






Tell me what your favorite trend for fall is!

Thank you for reading!


Show Off Your Tan in Style!

7 Apr

Hellooo to all of you sun-kissed goddesses!

I just got back from my trip to Utah, Arizona, and Las Vegas and it was really warm there most of the time. So because I tan easily and don’t use much sunscreen, which I know is horrible, my skin got a little darker. I personally love a little bit of a tan on what was my pale winter skin, so I use clothes to make my skin look brighter, warmer, and darker. In the winter, white clothing tends to wash people out, however when you are tan, white is the best option to make your skin appear darker. Neon and pastel colors are also a great way to accentuate your tan because they provide a contrast to your skin color that will make your tan stand out. Coral is another trendy color that will make your complexion appear warmer and will bring out even the smallest amount of sun your skin has absorbed. If you are really tan, the color gold is a really great option because will look make you feel like a gorgeous tanned goddess! I hope you are all having a warm spring or are looking forward to a hot summer because I certainly am! Grab some inspiration for how to rock your tan from these pictures:


white HAUTE & REBELLIOUS jumper - gold all gold HAUTE & REBELLIOUS accessories

Coral Outfit Ideas - Coral Skirt

Thank you for reading!

-Miri xx

Spring Trend: Platform Shoes

8 Mar

These thick soled shoes have resurfaced from the 1970s and are perfect for the spring time. Platforms come in a variety of styles such as sneakers, sandals, boots, and pumps. Platform shoes were all the rage in the 1970s and were primary worn for attention. These days, platform shoes are still worn to make fashion statements by bold fashionistas who wear them for their combination of added height, comfort, and trendy style. Check out how these ladies wore their platform shoes in the pictures below!

Kerry Pieri

Thank you for reading!

-Miri xx

The Actress that Wore 6,000 Pearls to the Oscars

23 Feb

Lupita Nyong’o impressed at the 87th Academy Awards in her custom designed Calvin Klein gown. The dress is truly amazing and is hands down one of my favorite gowns worn at the 2015 Oscars. The white color of the pearls stood out beautifully among her gorgeous dark complexion, and the jewelry she wore was the perfect amount. Who has not dreamed of wearing something dripping in this many pearls? Lupita practically looked like red carpet royalty. The strappy back of the gown was the cherry on top because it made the gown fit in with the contemporary style of dresses. I bet this gown will end up in a museum one day!


Lupita Nyong'o, 2015 Academy Awards Oscars


Thank you for reading!

Miri xx

Time Saving Fashion Tips

7 Jan

I love to sleep as much as possible, a girl has to have her beauty sleep right? I try to save myself time in the morning with these tips so that I can get out my door in half an hour.

1) Pick out your outfit the night before. You might even want to try on the outfit the night before to make sure you like how it looks. You don’t want to put on the outfit in the morning only to spend an extra seven minutes picking out a new outfit.

2) Decide if you will wear makeup that day the night before. This may sound silly, but mentally telling yourself if you will or put on makeup the night before will save you any time that you would have spent contemplating if you should apply makeup or not.

3) If it is necessary, straighten your hair the night before instead of in the morning. Curling your hair the night before is debatable because curls will often loose their bounciness overnight, however straight hair usually remains straight the next morning.

4) Shower the night before. If you can stand not taking a ten minute shower to wake yourself up in the morning then opt for a shower before you go to bed.

5) Know what the weather will be the entire week so that you can choose your outfits based on the forecast.

6) Organize your closet. Divide your closet by putting the pants, skirts, and tights in one area, shirts in the other, and so on. This way, you will find it much easier and much faster to find where certain pieces of clothing are located.

Thanks for reading!

-Miri xx

The Kardashians Love Turtlenecks

1 Dec

These sisters have been pulling off this stylish trend for quite a while now. Whether you like the trend or not, is a matter of preference, but I believe it is timeless and will never leave the fashion world. If you were keeping up with the sisters then you may have noticed the evolution of their style. They have been updating their style and keeping old trends like turtlenecks looking modern and fashionable. Kendall has been spotted sporting a cropped turtleneck sweater several times. I think she made the cropped turtleneck sweater look super cute and her outfit is easy to copy and recreate. The turtleneck is a simple piece and can be boring if not worn correctly, but the Kardashians turned it into a fashion statement. They paired the staple with bold items like leather, red lipstick, colorful skirts, and more. The turtleneck is one of Kim’s signature looks and she demonstrates that even while being completely covered up one can still look fabulous and sexy. Don’t forget that this classic staple has been worn by style icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie O. The Kardashians have often took an example from Audrey Hepburn and styled her classic black turtleneck look in their own way. The Kardashians like everyone, have made their share of fashion mistakes but here are some examples of when they were fashionably on point in their turtleneck shirts.


Thank you for reading lovelies!

-Miri xx

Dress Up Your Neck With A Statement Necklace

14 Nov

A statement necklace is equivalent to a scarf because like a scarf, it is the centerpiece of an outfit. Statement necklaces do not all look the same; they can be silver, gold, chunky, oversized, embellished, colorful, etc. etc.  My statement necklace collection is small but a necklace that I wear all the time is one I purchased from H&M. The necklace is light pink and designed to look like petals. I love this pretty pastel color because it is not too crazy as the colors of some statement necklaces tend to be. Pastel colored necklaces are wonderful because they give just enough pop of color to make an outfit stand out. My necklace also instantly becomes the center of attention if I wear it with darker or neutral colors. Statement necklaces breathe life and excitement into bland and simple outfits. Therefore my favorite way to wear my statement necklace is with an otherwise boring outfit such as jeans and a sweater. Although I love necklaces of all sorts, try to look for a necklace that would best suit you. If you have a round face, opt for a necklace that is longer. For a long face go with a short and round necklace. Adding an unexpected bold necklace will take your outfit from casual to trendy and fabulous.



Thank you for reading ladies!

-Miri xx