Shopping in the Men’s Section

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I know I am not the only one that notices the clothing in the guy’s section once in a while. Clothing in the girl’s section can get repetitive and old! So my recommendation? Keep your eyes open in both the women and men’s sections. Spotted a comfy striped sweater from the male section? Go for it! Ignore the dirty stares, you know you will rock that sweater girl! I am envious of my friends with older brothers because they can borrow their sweaters, but you can also look into your Dad’s old sweaters! I raided my dad’s closet and found a sweater which he doesn’t wear very often. I tied a knot to make it look less baggy, rolled up the sleeves, and it turned out to look like a cute over sized sweater that I can wear on my lazy and cold days! But if you do wear a boyfriend sweater or shirt then make sure you still look feminine, you don’t want to look like you are one of the guys! You want to make a statement by saying that you can wear a guy sweater and still look very feminine and pretty! My recommendation is to add some mascara and some red lipstick and make your hair look nice as well. If the sweater is very long then simply leave it long as if it were a dress and slide into some leggings or black tights (make sure it covers your ‘derier’!). If the shirt is not that long then roll the ends up, tuck it in, whatever you want to do, and wear some skinny jeans! Do not forget to accessorize with fun necklaces and shoes! What do you think of this trend?

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Shopping in the Men’s Section

The Problem with Denim on Denim

Ladies and gents, it is time to address this issue. When I was seven years old, I thought that I put together a brilliant outfit; a pair of jeans with a jean jacket of the same exact color and fabric. I put on the outfit proudly, but little did I know that my sister’sĀ conventional fashion wisdom would tell me that this is an extremely denim dominating outfit. She took one disapproving look at me and said, “Miri, never ever pair denim with denim.” After that, the rule went right into my fashion rule book.

You may ask why you can’t wear denim with denim. For me, it just looks weird and cheap. Just like you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t be wearing) a red shirt with red pants or a leather jacket with leather pants, you shouldn’t wear a jean jacket with jeans. Enough said about that, but if you still want to try owning this trend then here are some tips:

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The key is to pair different fabrics and different denim washes (or colors) together. For example, you can wear a light chambray shirt with dark skinny jeans. But color and pattern should somehow be incorporated into your outfit. You may choose to wear jeans with a print on them and pair that outfit with some coral flats, cute jewelry, and a bag.

Ask cf double denim spotted jeans

But try to keep the denim in one outfit to a minimum. While many celebrities are breaking the “don’t wear denim on denim rule” and it’s all over the runways, the trend just doesn’t work. For most women this trend is so hard to pull off and it just doesn’t look good! But are rules meant to be broken? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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The Problem with Denim on Denim