Warby Parker’s New Spring Collection Of Glasses

What is so amazing about Warby Parker is that for every pair sold, a pair of glasses is distributed to someone in need. Glasses allow people to see, to learn, to work, and yet lots of people do not have access to them. There have been a million pairs of glasses distributed to people in need because of Warby Parker.

Besides the fact of how great this company’s intentions are, their new spring collection has a variety of cool and stylish glasses inspired by the sea. Although it is still winter, before you know it, it’ll be spring, and Warby Parker is already diving right into the warm weather. Warby Parker is introducing eight new shapes and six new colors. The nautical design details include anchor-hued titanium blended with blue coral acetate, sandy shades modeled after the ocean floor, and more. These fresh frames go excellently with new spring trends and the pretty colors of spring. I especially love the clear colored glasses and how you can pair anything you want with them. With the variety of shapes and colors, you are bound to find a pair of glasses that you like. With that in mind, a bold way to wear your glasses if you are a girl is to pair them with bright pink or red lipstick and a cute hairstyle. Since glasses already make your face stand out, instantly make your eyes pop behind the lens by winging out your eyeliner and wearing an extra coat of mascara. On the other hand, men tend to wear very thin wire frames to try to make the glasses vanish off their face altogether. However, this is not the best look for every man’s face. Glasses are an expression of style and they become a part of one’s visual identity. But do not let your glasses completely define your style; keep them in their place. It is important to figure out what type of glasses suit your face shape and your style. Check out these awesome photos that Warby Parker sent me of these beautiful people modeling their new spring collection:








These lovely glasses, starting at the price of $95 are already available online, in stores, and in showrooms.

You can find them online at: https://www.warbyparker.com/eyeglasses

Thanks for reading!

-Miri xx

Warby Parker’s New Spring Collection Of Glasses

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