The Kardashians Love Turtlenecks

These sisters have been pulling off this stylish trend for quite a while now. Whether you like the trend or not, is a matter of preference, but I believe it is timeless and will never leave the fashion world. If you were keeping up with the sisters then you may have noticed the evolution of their style. They have been updating their style and keeping old trends like turtlenecks looking modern and fashionable. Kendall has been spotted sporting a cropped turtleneck sweater several times. I think she made the cropped turtleneck sweater look super cute and her outfit is easy to copy and recreate. The turtleneck is a simple piece and can be boring if not worn correctly, but the Kardashians turned it into a fashion statement. They paired the staple with bold items like leather, red lipstick, colorful skirts, and more. The turtleneck is one of Kim’s signature looks and she demonstrates that even while being completely covered up one can still look fabulous and sexy. Don’t forget that this classic staple has been worn by style icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie O. The Kardashians have often took an example from Audrey Hepburn and styled her classic black turtleneck look in their own way. The Kardashians like everyone, have made their share of fashion mistakes but here are some examples of when they were fashionably on point in their turtleneck shirts.


Thank you for reading lovelies!

-Miri xx

The Kardashians Love Turtlenecks

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