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Review of Makeup by One Direction + Giveaway!

25 Nov

Makeup by One Direction is sponsoring this review by providing me with free samples of their makeup! For those of you that love bold and colorful makeup then these makeup kits will impress you! The main colors of the makeup are blue, orange, pink, and yellow which express the band’s fun and happy music. The mascara is really cool because it comes in the three colors and can also be used as a hair highlighter! Colored mascara brings out the color in eyes just like eye shadow therefore it can make a subtle statement if you apply it to the tips of your lashes or to your entire lashes. Besides mascara there is also a lip gloss kit. Liguilights Glow Gloss is awesome because it is enriched with natural oils and vitamin E. Furthermore, if you go to a party at night for example, your lips will glow if you have the gloss on! My favorite is the nail polish kit which comes in really cute colors for girls such as pink and blue and all of the polishes include glitter. Makeup by One Direction just hit Macy’s, Dillards, Boscov’s, Stage Stores, Beauty Brands, and Lord & Taylor so you can look for all of these fabulous makeup kits there!

You can find Makeup by One Direction on Facebook:



To enter the giveway simply go to the link below and complete the necessary requirements to win three Makeup by One Direction sets (Electro Glam Mascara, Liquilights Glow Gloss and a Rock Me Nail Kit)
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Blair Waldorf’s Preppy Fashion

21 Nov

Some people associate the term preppy with snobby and rich people but from the fashion perspective preppy clothing is one of my favorite ways to dress. Preppy style consists of timeless and classic pieces with clean and structured lines. Preppy outfits are conservative and do not show too much skin. It is very important that the clothing fits well and is not too tight. Preppy dressing incorporates lots of layering such as an oxford shirt with a cardigan over it. Don’t forget to incorporate color into your outfits as well because color is the key to spicing up a simple outfit. An unforgettable character and fashion icon in the popular show Gossip Girl, is the very stylish Blair Waldorf. Blair is known for being a fashionista who often channels Audrey Hepburn in her style. Blair loves dressing very girly and incorporating details such as ruffles, belts, lace, and prints into her preppy outfits.

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Miri xx

The Revolutionary Hair Curler

20 Nov

Hello lovelies!

I have recently been sent an amazing rotating clipless curler called KISS InstaWave. This product is revolutionary!  All you do is put it next to your hair, press a button, and it begins to wrap your hair around the iron by itself. Sounds crazy right? This curler makes everything so much easier and faster!  It is easy for anyone to use, from any angle, with any hand. It is also a fully automatic tangle-free curler because the wide set teeth won’t allow your hair to tangle. This curler is actually all that it claims to be. When I was first applying to review this tool I was skeptical, but when I actually used the tool I realized that it is awesome. I am being one hundred percent honest when I say that if you are going to invest money in any curling iron, you should get this one.


First things first. The curler resembles your regular curler except this curler has teeth or small twisting tools which are the magic behind all of InstaWave’s greatness. Since this is not your typical curler, KISS InstaWave is kind enough to provide you with a very thorough set of instructions. And InstaWave features a curl dial with left/right curl directions. Here are step by step instructions on how to use the curler:

1. There are two heat settings with a low/high switch with maximum temperature of 420. I set mine to high.

2. Hold InstaWave vertically next to your hair.

3. Simply place a section of your hair on the InstaWave curling rod. Then touch the Curl Dial either left or right, and the InstaWave instantly and automatically catches and curls the hair. Hold for 5-10 seconds, longer for tighter curls and less for beachy waves. Switch between curling right and curling left to create the most natural looking curls.

4. Pull the InstaWave down vertically, and it will easily let your hair out. Repeat this with the rest of your head, and just in case you forgot to turn InstaWave off, it shuts off by itself in 90 minutes! And there you have it folks, perfect curls!

You can purchase your own InstaWave here:

Also for those of you that noticed: I got a haircut! My hair used to be almost down to my belly button before!

I hope you liked my review and found it helpful!

Miri xx

Dress Up Your Neck With A Statement Necklace

14 Nov

A statement necklace is equivalent to a scarf because like a scarf, it is the centerpiece of an outfit. Statement necklaces do not all look the same; they can be silver, gold, chunky, oversized, embellished, colorful, etc. etc.  My statement necklace collection is small but a necklace that I wear all the time is one I purchased from H&M. The necklace is light pink and designed to look like petals. I love this pretty pastel color because it is not too crazy as the colors of some statement necklaces tend to be. Pastel colored necklaces are wonderful because they give just enough pop of color to make an outfit stand out. My necklace also instantly becomes the center of attention if I wear it with darker or neutral colors. Statement necklaces breathe life and excitement into bland and simple outfits. Therefore my favorite way to wear my statement necklace is with an otherwise boring outfit such as jeans and a sweater. Although I love necklaces of all sorts, try to look for a necklace that would best suit you. If you have a round face, opt for a necklace that is longer. For a long face go with a short and round necklace. Adding an unexpected bold necklace will take your outfit from casual to trendy and fabulous.



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Loving Old Factory Candles For Fall + Giveaway!

8 Nov

Hey Lovelies!

Fall is the perfect time for cute sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and good smelling candles. I recently received a fabulous candle set called Old Factory Candles. They are sponsoring this post. I am obsessed with these candles and the scent they leave in the air. Mine are in the fragrance Fall Harvest, which includes the amazing smells of Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry, and Autumn Leaves. My favorite scent is the pumpkin spice because it made me literally want to eat the smell in my room, plus it’s pumpkin season! There are a wide variety of flavors to chose from, Fresh n’ Clean, Happy Holidays, Man Cave, Romance, Spa Day, etc. Each candle gift set has three different scented candles. Furthermore, the candles burn for 20 hours straight, so your room can smell like fall, if that is the fragrance you choose, all day!  They are also hand-poured in America with natural soy wax and self-trimming wicks. These candles make a great compliment to any room as the leaves start to change and they weather gets a little cooler.

Old Factory Candles are sold exclusively on Amazon, so you can find yourself or someone, the perfect set here:

Now onto the fun part: The Giveaway!! Old Factory Candles is giving away one candle gift set to one of my readers! The box contains three two oz candles of your choice. You must have an amazon account and PayPal account in order to participate in this giveaway. Unfortunately this giveaway is open to my readers in the USA only. To win this contest share this link on Facebook, if you have a Facebook: ( and comment the following things:

  • Why you would like to win
  • Your email

Once I contact the winner, I will forward your email address to Old Factory Candles and they will give you the exclusive coupon code for the gift set. You will be reimbursed for the cost of the shipping and gift wrap through PayPal.

I hope you guys take this awesome opportunity!

-Miri xx