Oscar De La Renta

I walked into the fashion class that I take at my school today and was immediately informed by the class that Oscar De La Renta had passed away. The fashion world lost an amazing designer today; however, Oscar De La Renta’s work and great achievements in fashion will not be forgotten. Oscar began his work as a Dominican fashion designer. At the age of 19 he moved to Spain and his fashion career bloomed from there as he moved to Paris and then to New York. In the 1960s Oscar became internationally known as one of Jacqueline Kennedy’s couturiers. He became a highly respected and established American designer. Oscar designed his garments with elegance and believed that the women who wore his pieces must feel and look beautiful. My favorite looks by Oscar De La Renta are his wedding dresses, runway looks, and red carpet dresses. Here are some of these beautiful pieces:

Oscar de la Renta in Vogue

Kate Upton in Oscar de la Renta Vogue

Oscar de la Renta in Vogue Amal Alamuddin

Oscar de la Renta in Vogue

Oscar de la Renta

Thank you for reading!

~Miri xx

Oscar De La Renta

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