New York Fashion Week

I need a ticket to New York! I am dying to see these amazing fashion pieces in person. I picked out some outfits that I love which were worn on and off the runway.This clothing is actually meant to showcase spring/summer fashion but a lot of the clothing can be used as inspiration for your fall style. For spring of 2015 you will still be seeing floral prints, crisp collars, metallic colors, fringed accessories and clothing , dressed up skirts, pop art prints, color blocking, midriffs, and so much more that I cannot simply list off in one sentence!














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New York Fashion Week

Transition Your Crop Tops Into Fall

The crop top is a piece that can be worn during all of the seasons, not only summer. Although you can wear a shirtsleeve crop top in the fall, the best choice would be to invest in several long sleeve crop tops for the cold days. Of course if your short sleeve shirt won’t keep you warm, then bring a knit cardigan or jacket that you could throw on! Here are several ways that you can wear them in the fall:

Wear crop tops with a maxi skirt:

Wear them with high-waisted pants:

Wear them with shorts and tights:

Jason Wu, Sergio Rossi, Topshop, Crop top, Celine bag, Miu Miu

Wear them with a circle skirt or skater  skirt:

Wear them with any kind of high-waisted skirt:

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Transition Your Crop Tops Into Fall