Be The Trendsetter

Often times, girls tend to dress like clones and just copy everything that other girls wear to look cool. Try to refrain from purchasing all of your clothing from Hollister and Lululemon simply because that is the “thing” to do. It is best to buy clothing that looks great on you and still looks fashionable! Purchase clothing from all different stores, while still keeping tabs on fashion trends. Don’t only limit yourself to purchasing expensive clothing, you can buy excellent second hand clothing but for much less money from many stores as well. Look for clothing that fits your personality and that people will recognize as your style! Be the girl that looks stylish and cute, instead of the girl that blends into the crowd and looks like everyone else….be a trendsetter. Look different then others yet still look much more fashion forward! If others like what you are wearing, then they will catch on, and it is likely that you will see some people wearing the same clothing the next week. Keep in mind, however, that setting trends does not mean you have to create a completely new trend that was entirely unheard of. Instead, follow trends that are all the rage in fashion but that most people have not caught on to.


Thank you for reading!

~Miri xx

Be The Trendsetter

6 thoughts on “Be The Trendsetter

  1. That’s so true! But I think that the fact that most of the people are just copying each other is good for people who want to stand out. I’m sometimes personally too shy to do something really unusual with my outfit, although I really would love to do this.
    Sometimes people just stop me saying that it isn’t ok, that it isn’t a dress code and I shouldn’t try so hard to be different and fight with rules/tradition.

    1. Yes you are so right, it does let you stand out; that is why you should try to be a trendsetter! And judging from your blog you already are one 🙂 you don’t have to go crazy or try really hard to come up with something that nobody has ever seen before, just be more outgoing, bold, and fashionable then others! Thank you for your comment!! xo

  2. I agree 100%! Fashion is a method of controlling perception, and most people want to appear like they belong (and aren’t crazy haha). Dressing unique is not only brave, but it also makes people respect you for believing in yourself and what you like. The most important thing is not getting caught up in brands — and instead becoming obsessed with quality and what’s worth purchasing at a higher price and what isn’t. Once I got over my fashion shyness, it gave me more confidence than I ever would have thought! Its all styling — not brands kids 🙂 Love this post of yours ❤

    1. Wow, I have to say, I just read your comment, and it made me smile from ear to ear. This is so sweet and you are absolutely right! I’m proud of you for getting over your shyness and going for it. And additionally, I checked out some of the latest outfits you posted on your blog and they are perfect; you got it going on!! Love your style, keep it up! Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 xo

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