My Take On Business Casual

For those of you that find business casual attire quite difficult and confusing, no worries, I have got it all figured out. When wearing clothing for work, you want to give the professional impression that will make people take you seriously. Now, when wearing clothing for school, it is simply called casual because it is much less formal then work, which means that you can wear jeans and sweatshirts. So business casual is just a less formal and laid-back option of traditional business wear. In a nutshell, business casual is a sweet combination of business clothing with everyday clothing.

Work Style.

People tend to adopt this dress code because it gives them more leeway to dress more comfortably and allows them to express themselves with their clothing. For example, bright colors, bold prints, and casual blouses, may be frowned upon with regular business attire but is good for business casual. However, although bold colors and patterns can be great, it is also important to have a sense of when neutral and classic colors are appropriate depending on your job, employer, or the type of event that you are attending. Opt for any kind of pants that are not jeans. I really love the skinny and cropped pants that women are sporting for work; you don’t have to only wear wide legged trousers! Five splendid universal pieces that work very well for this look are are cotton-blend trousers, a cardigan, blouse, collared shirt, and skirt. Ultimately, try your best to look polished, professional, and fashionable!

business casual

Business Casual

perfect work outfit at The Pretty Dish

business casual


CHLOË GRACE MORETZ photo | Chloe Grace Moretz

Thank you for reading!

~Miri xx

My Take On Business Casual

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  1. Hello there.
    sounds good. thanks for the sharing…
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