The Arm Candy Trend

Recently, my sister brought me back two awesome bracelets from her trip to Europe, and I have been loving them! In the first picture below I am wearing the two bracelets, and I also added a cute watch from Francesca’s. I could have either added a couple more bracelets or finished off my look with a thick watch, which is what I chose to do. You don’t have to go out and buy any expensive bracelets. I’m sure you can dig up some old charm bracelets, biker bracelets, vintage bracelets, etc. Anything goes! Just remember not to go overboard! You want to look classy and hip with your bracelets, not like someone who decided her arm is her new Christmas tree. Enjoy these other examples of fashionistas layering a bunch of different bracelets on their arm.


London Fashion Week Spring 2014. Details in street style.

Thank you for reading!

~Miri xx

The Arm Candy Trend

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