The Hat Craze

My obsession this summer is hats. Not only do they give you extra sun protection but they are also super cute and feminine. I am loving the big floppy hats and fedoras. The over sized floppy hats have their ring on the runway and their 70s diva vibe and elegance makes them especially fabulous. The factor that makes hats especially awesome is that they come in all different kinds of styles. For example, you can find hats with stripe patterns, pops of neon color, and more. The over sized floppy hat may be ridiculous, but it brings back memories of Audrey Hepburn in “My Fair Lady” for me, and it still shows up on the runway! The best thing about Fedora hats is that they are very versatile because they can be warn casually or fancy! A woman that knows how to style a hat and actually wears them, because many of us don’t risk that, is very admirable and plainly amazing. We all want to be her.

Use this tip when buying a fedora: a fedora with a raised top will elongate a round face, and if you have an oval and thin face you may opt for a smaller hat. Originally the fedora was a men’s hat, so it would be smart to style it with a menswear-inspired outfit. You can also jazz up a super casual outfit with a fedora hat to make it stand out. A fedora is also perfect for fall; with nice coats like pea coats or military-inspired coats. 

The best way to rock the wide brimmed or floppy hat look is with a swimsuit on the beach, a fancy dress, or a boho-chic outfit.


Thanks for reading!

~Miri xx

The Hat Craze

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