My Outfits in Paris + Style Observations

Today is my first day back from my amazing trip to Paris. Here are a few of my favorite outfit combinations that I wore throughout my trip. It was quite chilly in Paris so I took my vintage jean jacket with me and wore it whenever it was cold. I took shoes that I knew I could walk the whole day around in. I alternated between my gold colored gladiator sandals and my black Converse high tops. Something that I learned about style and clothing choices in Paris is that both men and women live in their pants all year long and you can hardly ever spot them wearing shorts (unless with tights). So I thought that I fit in rather smoothly with my dark denim skinny jeans. As for my black skater skirt; I ended up matching with other teenage girls from America. However, I do not regret taking the skirt to Paris because Parisians also love dresses and skirts and my skirt is especially easy to pair with almost anything since it is black and high-waisted. I do regret not taking a scarf because Parisians do wear a lot of scarves, even in the summer, and make their outfits look so effortless and chic by just throwing on a scarf, jacket, leaving their hair messy, and pulling their whole look together with a bold lip hue.





2014-07-07 03.53.40

Thanks for reading 🙂

~Miri xx

My Outfits in Paris + Style Observations

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