Try Overalls This Summer

Overalls are a very tricky piece of clothing to be able to pull off. Many of you may recognize them as a piece that has existed ever since your childhood. Overalls are have been brought back from the 90’s and are now being sold in nearly every store. They are sold in many different forms that include different colors, styles, prints, and more.

On a cooler day in the summer you can try out overalls that are meant to keep you a little warmer with a crisp white collared shirt underneath. With the overalls that Watson is sporting, she could have also paired them with a simple short sleeve shirt or a patterned collared shirt; there are endless options.

With regular short cut overalls you can style it with a crop top underneath and bare your midriff. I especially love how cute the girl below made the trend look because she chose an adorable white lace shirt and a flower headband to pair the jean overalls with.

Adding interesting accessories to snazz up your outfit and make it look automatically stylish.

Add a colorful or patterned shirt under the overalls for a more playful and fun look.

Enjoy this cute trend this summer and let me know what you think of it!

~Miri xx

Try Overalls This Summer

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