Out With Boring In With Tie Dye

Tie dye is the best and most stylish excuse for being able to wear a piece of clothing with up to an endless amount of different colors on it at once. It is almost summer guys so we must get on the tie dye trend! Tie dye makes me so happy; it brings back warm memories of summer camps and sunny days.

Tie dye is bold so you might as well go all out with it, like crop your T-Shirt and pair it with high waisted shorts or pants!

Or make it look incredibly couture and chic with an awesome pair of sunglasses and a fancy jacket.

There are really endless options with tie dye! Like maxi skirts ( I saw some fantastic ones at Target by the way) and dresses!


Tie dye does not have to be colorful, so if you aren’t into that sort of thing it can be just two colors like black and white!

Admit it, you want to go purchase those tie dye maxi skirts from Target now ūüėČ

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Out With Boring In With Tie Dye

Happy (Fashionable) Mother’s Day!

Today is that lovely time of the year when children¬†honor their mothers, and as my mother’s day gift I decided to showcase the best outfits that my mom had worn these past years. I think my mom has a fantastic taste in fashion and my favorite pictures of her are when she is in her 20’s in Europe. However, since these outfits are a bit “old-fashioned” and vintage I recreated her outfits into a modern style. I hope you will enjoy these photos as much as I do!








collared shirt















Happy Mother’s Day!

And love you mom, you are the best mom in the whole wide world (one of my go-to phrases when I was little)! ‚̧

~Miri xxxx




Happy (Fashionable) Mother’s Day!

Simple Eyeliner Tip

Instead of lining your entire eye, meaning both your upper and lower waterlines, or whatever you usually do, I suggest to ¬†just outline the outer corner of your eye. The aim of this trick is to¬†elongate and focus on your natural eye shape. This is just a look for when you don’t have time to do your regular liner, because this is really quick and easy to do. This will probably look more neat if you just do it with brown liner, but if you want to go for black liner, it could look great as well.

Here is how (please excuse my poor drawing) :


Displaying photo 1.JPG

This is how it will look:

Displaying photo 2.JPG



Before you leave my blog: I would like to give an awesome fashion blog and boutique, Lavo Collections, a shout-out! Lavo Collections is a fabulous store boutique, with several locations in Texas, and it has an online website where you can order their clothing. They keep up with all of the latest and cutest trends, so be sure to check out their blog as well as their online store:



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Simple Eyeliner Tip