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Girls: Catch On To The Timberland Trend!

16 Mar

As I was watching people walk by, a pair of yellow construction boots caught my attention. I noticed that guys seemed to be obsessed with these comfy classic shoes named “Timberland”. Nathan Sqartz began the Abington Shoe Company in South Boston, where he created one of the first waterproof leather boots. In the 1980s, Timberland became an icon in Europe, especially in Italy for the middle class group searching for the “Made In America” look. They were also  popular with the hip hop fans at college back in 1987. The boots may be ridiculously over priced, but the comfort and fashion statement you will be making could be worth it.  The shoe can be worn with anything and can help create a look.

I wouldn’t expect myself to like this boot, but to my surprise, I love its boyish and rugged outdoor appeal! Plus the original mustard-camel color is a bonus! In Europe, girls have already caught on to the trend  and are seen purchasing the yellow boots and rocking them with their outfits. Women celebrities in America like Rihanna and Rita Ora have also been spotted wearing Timberlands.

Timberland composite

How do girls wear them? My tip is to start off with black leggings or jeans and a simple shirt, you will catch on from there!

Boys? Any type of jeans folded right above the boots.

Brilliant pair of shoes! Let me know if you own a pair, and if you do, comment on how you style them! 🙂

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~Miri xxx

Best Dressed At 2014 Oscars

7 Mar

The Oscars was a beautiful sight this year; with the fabulous and bold dresses that actresses risked to wear. Hollywood’s sweetheart Lupita Nyong’o impressed as usual with her simple pale blue Prada dress. I especially appreciate the skirt of the dress along with her adorable accessories which gave her the look of princess Cinderella. Another lovely dress that I loved was Kristin Bell’s, she wore a white dress with a structured bodice and mermaid train that gave the dress a unique and exciting look. I became obsessed with the elegant royal blue that Sandra Bullock sported because it is so excellently designed and executed that it makes me wish that she would wear it to every event. Charlize Theron brought back memories of her role as the evil queen in her Dior Haute Couture gown. Black is a color that you can never go wrong with but a dress like this may be hard to pull off for just anyone because of its cool cut shape of the bodice. I cannot decide on which dress was my favorite from these amazing gowns so tell me by commenting which dress was your favorite! 🙂

Lupita Nyong'o

Kristen Bell

Sandra Bullock

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~Miri xx