Kendall Jenner Walks Marc Jacobs

A new teen model is on the rise in the fashion world. Kendall Jenner is pushing her fellow family members off the spotlight and is shining through and being accepted in the high fashion industry. The gorgeous brunette has been talking about her love for modelling since forever and now her dream is finally coming true! Kendall was barely recognizable backstage because her hair and makeup completely transformed her from being an 18 year old Californian to an awesome and superb looking model. As much as I would love to say cheers to her, it’s a little bit difficult considering that she really had everything handed to her on a silver platter in her career. It certainly doesn’t hurt that her crazy family has so many connections and can really get anything they want. Whereas, other people have to work really hard to be discovered or book shows. And sure the older Kardashians certainly have worked a lot in their lifetime, so maybe they deserve some of the things they get, but has Kendall really experienced everything that a regular hard working model has? Of course not! Do you think she has it too easy as well?

Kendall Jenner

Kendall walked the Marc Jacobs fashion show, sporting a short wig and severe makeup that made her eyebrows perform the disappearing act. Jenner walked the catwalk in a completely see-through long sleeve V-neck sweater, sans bra. I am personally not exactly a fan of Kendall’s outfit but it looks pretty cool with everything including the hair and makeup put together. The outfit is kind of awkward but that was probably the point, since it was a very uncomfortable show for the viewer to sit through in general, from everything to the music/creepy voicing to the set.There has been a lot of outrage and criticism over Kendall baring her chest, but honestly it does not bug me one single bit. I think we are all grown up and mature enough to handle a bare chest covered by see-through fabric on a high fashion runway. I would understand if 12 year olds were disgusted over this, but that’s because they don’t know better. Adults and teens who understand fashion however should be able to understand that Kendall did not pick out her own outfit. And she wouldn’t object to anything that the designer picked for her because a model’s job is to showcase anything that the designer chooses to put on them. I think she did an awesome job and she was a good sport, and her fans should be proud of her for being strong and confident. Maybe Kendall can even teach the other Kardashians, Kim especially, about beauty and self confidence. Go Kendall!

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Kendall Jenner Walks Marc Jacobs

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