Mode A La Lorde

Ella Yelich-O’Connor, stage name Lorde, is already becoming a fashion and music icon at the young age of 17. Lorde is a singer that has made her way into the music world with her popular song “Royals” in 2013. But she has proven to be more then just a singer, she has also become a fashion inspiration for women and young girls like herself. While some people are inspired by her music, I am inspired by her style. Lorde is much wiser and then your typical selfie-obsessed high schooler and has an interesting and grown-up outlook on life. Her music has important and inspiring messages for people, unlike other young pop stars like Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez. Unlike these stars who only wear leotards now it seems, Lorde enjoys long dresses, chunky shoes, and pants. When I say chunky shoes by the way, I mean hideously over sized goth-clown inspired shoes. But she makes those hideous shoes look cool so its okay. As for her accessories, she sports a lot of thin bracelets and rings.

Let’s talk about Lorde’s hair. I think I love it a little too much. It’s quite similar to mine actually; crazy curly waves. But she flaunts it, unlike myself who usually finds an excuse to not wear my hair down. Good luck finding a picture of Lorde with straight hair on Google- because it most likely, does not exist. I wish that everyone would just love their hair as much as she does. Not only is her hair just amazing, but her confidence shines through it and makes it even more exquisite. Take an example from Lorde, and wear your hair naturally. I promise, your hair is beautiful, now put down that straightener.


Lorde has fair porcelain skin, which she usually compliments with her go-to gothic/vamp look. To create this look simply use a concealer to hide any blemishes. Then take black liquid liner and wing it! Dab some sparkly eye shadow (one with a glowing effect) in your inner corners. Use only one layer of brown mascara for your top and bottom lashes. For the last step take a dark purple lipstick and apply it onto your lips. Complete the look with a dab of pink gloss. She is known for her purple lipsticks and I commend her for it! Honestly, I am over the pink lipsticks, bring on the purple! However, this is her fancy look, her more natural and simple makeup includes a light pink lip and a thin line of liquid eyeliner or smudged pencil liner on the top lid.


Thank you for reading my first post of 2014!

One more thing:ย My friend has started a wonderful blog having to do with fashion and many more girly things, if you could take the time to take a look at her blog and follow that would mean a lot to her! She has a great outlook on things and has much to offer through her writing so I really recommend taking a look. ๐Ÿ™‚ย The link:ย exquisitethreads.wordpress.comย 

Thanks so much guys!

~Miri xx

Mode A La Lorde

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