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Combat Boots

22 Oct

What’s the fall boot rage? C-O-M-B-A-T Boots! What’s the fall boot rage? COMBAT BOOTS! Are you feeling my excitement here guys?! This is my favorite boot by far. Sadly, I caught on a little late because everyone is already wearing them this year! Although this is good for the rest of us that still don’t own a pair…tisk tisk…because now, since everyone wants a pair, they are selling them everywhere! I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they started selling them in grocery stores. But that’s because they are so amazing! They are so comfortable that I probably can run “The Mile” in them. And if I could, I would wear them absolutely everyday because they go with EVERYTHING. I would be just fine with a closet full of combat boots. If you were wearing Combat boots before everyone realized how fabulous they were, then two claps for you! (I don’t know why I chose the number two, I just like that number) Also combat boots come in so many different versions that they are almost as versatile as accessories!

However, before all of the trendy girls were wearing this shoe, men in the military were trudging through mud in them. These boots are still a hot men’s shoe that guys should honestly just embrace and wear!

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My Beauty Secrets

8 Oct

These are things that I personally do to keep myself looking healthy and nice, so I decided to share some of these beauty secrets with you:

1) Wash your face with a good face wash meant for your type of skin. For example, I have skin that breaks out once in a while and is oily around the T-Zone. I prefer Neutrogena-Acne-Stress-Control-Power-Wash out of all of the other face washes I have tried. This one actually reduced the little acne that I have and makes a good face scrub and exfoliator as well.

2) I always stress to MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE!! An oil-free, good moisturizer actually makes a big difference in your skin, especially if you use it before makeup. It makes your face soft, hydrates it, and your skin will love you for it. 🙂

3) If you use foundation then opt for a BB Cream instead! BB Creams are actually beneficial for your skin because they hydrate and even out your skin tone, contain SPF, moisturize your skin, have anti-aging ingredients, and many other good ingredients that regular foundation does not contain.

4) Treat your face kindly. Your facial appearance is important so treat your face with respect! Don’t pull or tug on your eyes, as you may cause premature wrinkles and what-not. Also don’t pile on the foundation, (or at least don’t wear it often) your skin needs to breathe!

5) Most of us wear mascara, so having moisturized and nourished eyelashes is important! You may think me weird for doing this, but every night I apply Vaseline or olive oil to my lashes. They both are really good for your lashes. I just take my finger and dip it into a tiny bit of olive oil or Vaseline and just smooth it onto my lashes. The Vaseline or olive oil actually softens, hydrates, and moisturizes your lashes.

6) Olive oil is an overall good beauty product, but did you know it removes makeup? So whenever you are out of makeup just find your olive oil and remove! It comes off perfectly!

7) Yes Neosporin is greasy, however if you apply it to just one pimple it actually reduces it in size. Neosporin gets rid of bacteria therefore a little amount of it is good to apply to a pimple area.


I hope this post was helpful! Thank you for reading 🙂