My Issue With Vera Bradley

If you would have asked me two years ago what Vera Bradly is I would have no idea, but last year completely changed that. Every other girl came with a not-so-pretty floral patterned backpack on the first day of school. But the madness did not stop there, girls brought Vera Bradley lunchboxes to lunch and stuffed their pens into their matching Vera Bradley pencil cases. Seriously guys, I am sick of seeing this print! These bags and lunchboxes are very pricey too, so Vera Bradley soon became a symbol of how wealthy you are. It is truly very annoying when people tend to copy others; it’s hard to believe that every single one of those girls actually would have bought Vera Bradley stuff if everyone else did not have them (maybe they should go shopping for originality). Besides, grandmas were sporting Vera Bradley totes before everybody else, how did teenage girls catch on? The prints are from the Provencal, southern France style, but when taken way out of context and exploited like they are, they kind of make me nauseous. But I guess it all depends on your personal taste in things, so if you really like Vera Bradley and not just because everyone has them, then go ahead and sport it. I just do not get the fascination.


Love you guys! 🙂


My Issue With Vera Bradley

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