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Black Is My Favorite Color

30 Sep

Black is the color worth wearing. Black is calming and serene, unlike many other colors. Every time I try to pick an outfit I just can’t seem to stay away from black. Black is the color of confidence but not cockiness.  However, someone once told me that the color of my clothing is depressing. So I tried really hard to come up with a colorful outfit the night before school, but in the morning I changed my mind and threw on a black and white striped shirt with dark wash jeans and converse last minute. Black is a solution for many of us because it is the perfect base color for any outfit.  The truth about black though, is that it is not depressing at all! If anything looks depressing it’s most likely your personality, not your clothing. Black is chic and classy. It is also a very powerful color on women and men. People have been wearing it for ages and it just suits everyone (don’t forget it’s slimming too).  Wear black with confidence and don’t let anybody tell you differently. So now you know my little secret; black is my favorite color.





anna and grace in black


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~Miri xx

My Issue With Vera Bradley

23 Sep

If you would have asked me two years ago what Vera Bradly is I would have no idea, but last year completely changed that. Every other girl came with a not-so-pretty floral patterned backpack on the first day of school. But the madness did not stop there, girls brought Vera Bradley lunchboxes to lunch and stuffed their pens into their matching Vera Bradley pencil cases. Seriously guys, I am sick of seeing this print! These bags and lunchboxes are very pricey too, so Vera Bradley soon became a symbol of how wealthy you are. It is truly very annoying when people tend to copy others; it’s hard to believe that every single one of those girls actually would have bought Vera Bradley stuff if everyone else did not have them (maybe they should go shopping for originality). Besides, grandmas were sporting Vera Bradley totes before everybody else, how did teenage girls catch on? The prints are from the Provencal, southern France style, but when taken way out of context and exploited like they are, they kind of make me nauseous. But I guess it all depends on your personal taste in things, so if you really like Vera Bradley and not just because everyone has them, then go ahead and sport it. I just do not get the fascination.


Love you guys! 🙂


A Fashion-Related Life Update

20 Sep

Fellow bloggers-

Please excuse my recent absence from WordPress but high school sucked me in with all of its homework and activities… which reminds me! I looked into my high school’s costume designing crew for the theater and decided to join! I am really excited to be part of the costume making. I can’t wait to stock up on new skills like sewing! And yes, I don’t know how to sew, but now I get to learn how! This experience will give me more incite into the fashion world and hopefully kick-start my fashion career!! I will definitely upload pictures of any outfits that I helped design for any of you that would like to see. Please let me know by commenting if you have any tips/ advice for me!

I really appreciate if you actually took the time to read this!

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PS- it’s basically fall so get ready for my fall fashion posts! 🙂






8 Sep

BryanBoy is a Filipino  fashion blogger who called “one of Fashion 2.0’s biggest superstars”.  I am absolutely obsessed with him. He has an incredible taste for fashion and style, and always puts fabulous outfits together.  In his blog, he stars in his own life photos of him wearing designer outfits. As a child Bryan Grey-Yambao went to Catholic schools where he had to wear uniforms, so he made himself stand out through accessories. He said that, “fashion was an escape from reality.” BryanBoy has millions of fans now, and I am proudly one of them. Here are some of my favorite outfits of his.

Bryanboy wearing a pair of Saint Laurent aviator sunglasses

Bryanboy wearing an Emporio Armani jacket and You Can't Sit With Us Top by Brandy Melville

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