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Nude Flats

29 Aug

This shoe can be worn all year round and there should always be a place for it in your closet. They are a good alternative to nude heels because they are casual and like nude goes with everything so no matter what outfit you come up with, you can pair it with these flats. The color of these shoes immediately suggests ballet and girly innocence. If you do not have a pair of these lovelies in your possession then I would keep an eye out for them in stores. Nude flats come in many different tones like tan, soft pink, beige, and so on. It’s kind of like choosing your facial foundation. And they are fabulous for mostly every occasion!


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Liquid Eyeliner

22 Aug

Liquid perfection I tell you, maybe the best liquid makeup ever invented. Liquid eyeliner has been around for a really long time, like it’s OLD, it was first worn in Mesopotamia and the Ancient Middle East. And a little later Egyptians became very famous for their heavy black eyeliner, which usually was drawn in a winged shape, when Tutankhamun’s tomb was found in the 1920’s. It is said that they wore the eyeliner to protect themselves from the “Evil Eye”. However, as the liquid eyeliner trend spread to the rest of the world it began to make its way down fashion runways and women began to apply this effortlessly beautiful makeup and not be criticized for it.

Vouge's Iconic Cover:  Bold Drama With "Winged" Liner

The Allure Of "Winged" Eyeliner (Iconic Supermodel, Linda Evangelista)

The eyeliner’s main goal is to create thicker and lusher looking lashes. Honestly, if you already have black or even brown lashes I wouldn’t even bother putting on the mascara because the liner basically fulfills the mascara’s job. The line is so clean-cut and the color is so pigmented, that a mascara is simply not needed. Furthermore, liquid eyeliner makes your water line look darker, which draws attention to your eye, and if you wing the liner then your eyes will look wider and larger. Liquid liner is something you just can’t skip in your makeup routine. It truly is instant fabulousness!

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Thick Eyebrows

16 Aug

 You may have noticed that thick eyebrows are all of the rage right now, so I made a little inspirational collage..

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The Problem with Denim on Denim

10 Aug

Ladies and gents, it is time to address this issue. When I was seven years old, I thought that I put together a brilliant outfit; a pair of jeans with a jean jacket of the same exact color and fabric. I put on the outfit proudly, but little did I know that my sister’s conventional fashion wisdom would tell me that this is an extremely denim dominating outfit. She took one disapproving look at me and said, “Miri, never ever pair denim with denim.” After that, the rule went right into my fashion rule book.

You may ask why you can’t wear denim with denim. For me, it just looks weird and cheap. Just like you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t be wearing) a red shirt with red pants or a leather jacket with leather pants, you shouldn’t wear a jean jacket with jeans. Enough said about that, but if you still want to try owning this trend then here are some tips:

denim jacket denim jeans scarf Jessica Alba

The key is to pair different fabrics and different denim washes (or colors) together. For example, you can wear a light chambray shirt with dark skinny jeans. But color and pattern should somehow be incorporated into your outfit. You may choose to wear jeans with a print on them and pair that outfit with some coral flats, cute jewelry, and a bag.

Ask cf double denim spotted jeans

But try to keep the denim in one outfit to a minimum. While many celebrities are breaking the “don’t wear denim on denim rule” and it’s all over the runways, the trend just doesn’t work. For most women this trend is so hard to pull off and it just doesn’t look good! But are rules meant to be broken? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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The Crop Top

4 Aug

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated BOLDMODE but that’s because I was in California for the past week!

I recently bought a super cute crop top from T.J. Maxx and I have been wearing it all the time.



Crop tops are perfect for the hot summer days. They are easy to throw over a bikini and feel really light and cool.

The belly-baring trend has been popping up on red carpets, pool parties, and on the streets.

As crop tops were becoming more and more popular, so were high-waisted shorts. I think that crop tops go best with high-waisted shorts especially because put together, this outfit has a really distinct 1990’s feel. This outfit combination is more flattering then you think because the slimmest part on a women’s body is typically the mid-riff. But if you are curvy buy the mid-length” crop top, which is a little longer.


But besides high-waisted shorts, you can also wear a crop top with a high-waisted pencil skirt or high-waisted jeans, really just high-waisted anything! If you prefer not to expose your tummy then you can easily slip a tank under your crop top. And even though crop tops are not for everyone, they are still meant to be admired as a fashion statement.

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