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Charlotte Russe Sunglasses

22 Jul

I just love finding this store in the mall. Everything there is super cute and affordable! This is my second time (surprised it’s not more) buying their lovely sunglasses. But heads up guys sunglasses are only five dollars there! The last pair I purchased from Charlotte Russe was for only 3 dollars. The sunglasses that I am wearing in the picture below is the pair I recently purchased from there; it was a really good investment!



Charlotte Russe sells sunglasses in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. It has put all of its efforts into purchasing pastel colored sunglasses so if you are looking for neon colored sunglasses, you probably won’t find them there this season. But if you are looking for cheap, cute, and quality glasses then this store is where you want to be!

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The Cutest Clutch

15 Jul

Oh my goodness, I just saw a picture of the cutest clutch ever. I was catching up on my blog reading when I noticed The Blonde Salad’s post named, “Feeling So Happy”. She was sporting a flirty black dress with black slippers and the Urania Gazelli clutch.



The clutch is designed to look like a playing card, which I think is really creative and cool! I love out of the ordinary things. One side of the clutch is the Jack of Spades and on the other is the Ace of Spades.


Clutches are in general great for summer. Who said you need a heavy white bag to carry around with everything? If you are only bringing money and lip gloss, then opt for a clutch this summer! Surprise everyone with an unexpected accessory at a party or wedding…have fun with your little accessory, but make sure it still goes with your outfit. 🙂



(The clutch above is the URANIA GAZELLI CLUTCH)

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Gaga For Fashion

9 Jul

Lady Gaga's 50 Most Awesome Stage Outfits


Mostly everybody knows Lady Gaga. She is known for her music and crazy outfits. I personally admire her out of this world and super unique costumes that she wore on stage and to events. However, I believe that there were more “gone wrong” outfits than fabulous ones, for example her meat ensembles and nipple covers that she wore as tops. Her crazy couture outfits feature everything from fishnets to crystals to packing materials. But Gaga sure does love her flamboyant footwear, fabulous wigs, sunglasses, and even face paint. Through her style, Lady Gaga sends a good message to all of us, to dare to be different and be yourselves. From the outfits below, my favorite is the purple gown. Check out some of the Pop Queen’s best outfits and let me know what you think of her style!


Lady Gaga's 50 Most Awesome Stage Outfits

Lady Gaga's 50 Most Awesome Stage Outfits

Lady Gaga's 50 Most Awesome Stage Outfits

Lady Gaga's 50 Most Awesome Stage Outfits

Lady Gaga's 50 Most Awesome Stage Outfits

Lady Gaga's 50 Most Awesome Stage Outfits

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