Summer Pixie Cut

I am one of those people that loves short hair on others but am not confident enough to crop my own hair short. Yet I know that I eventually will, because it is soo tempting! In my opinion, women and teens with short hair look really chic and cute (when done correctly)!

A pixie cut expresses a woman’s confidence and acceptance of her face. The pixie is a style that never goes unnoticed and if you can rock it then people will love you for it! However, if you are scared of getting one, then you can just wear your hair around in a ponytail or bun to see how you feel about revealing your face without actually getting your hair cut.

You may just want to cut your hair short because your long hair is getting annoying or you’re just craving change…but either way, many women and girls have chopped their hair to a stunning pixie and you can too!

I can write an essay about which style and type of cut best suits your type of face but I am no hair expert, so I would rather just share  my love for a short and chic hair style with you! Just know that there is a very wide range of pixie cuts, and one of them may suit you! There is; edgy and “punky”, soft and feminine, what ever is your type of style.


If you are thinking about chopping your hair, do some research on the type of cut that will best fit your face and go for it! Or if you are a risk taker just go to your favorite salon and tell the hair cutter to go crazy! Because after all, you have a lifetime to try different hairstyles! It’s really just  a matter of mindset and confidence.

Thank you so much for reading!

~Miri xx

Summer Pixie Cut

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