White On White

White is the perfect color for summer. Unlike black, it is a color that brings peace and serenity to any outfit. Today I want to write about the “all white” look. I specifically mean a white shirt/blazer with white pants/shorts/skirt, not a white dress.

The key to not looking like a nurse is wearing two different fabrics together and styling with hot accessories. I personally would go for easy, neutral jewelry, but others may prefer neon or colorful accessories. Both will look great! You may just want to wear an all white outfit so the spotlight shines on your beautiful bracelets or necklace…think of your all-white outfit as a canvas for awesome jewelry!


Did I mention this is a great look for guys as well? Men, like women, can wear an all-white outfit casually, (white polo, with white pants or shorts) or dress it up with a full on white suit!

It is a fact that white bottoms can make you look a little bit heavier than you actually are. So please avoid white trousers if you are pear shaped and opt for white wash jeans instead! 🙂 But you should keep in mind that white denim may also not flatter your body shape if they are not the right fit, so invest in a pair that will serve you well! If you have an hourglass figure, just choose well fitted white trousers.


Notice how Karla (famous fashion blogger) paired her super casual outfit with a metallic gold clutch and silver heels. The silver and gold complement each other on their white canvas, this outfit is perfect, don’t you think? You may have also observed that the pretty lady on the left paired her fabulous ensemble with simple black heels and a petite brown bag, you can try the same!


2 (3) whitez8


When buying something white, it’s important to make sure that the item (especially pants) is not see-through. You can check this by holding the dress, for example, up to a light. Also, since white can tend to highlight your flaws, I would ask for the opinion of a stylish friend, before buying the piece. Therefore, investing in a quality white clothing item is important because you can wear it year after year, and summer after summer. (:

you know im awesome

Thank you so much for reading lovelies!

~Miri xxxx



White On White

Pop Of Color – Summer Makeup

Hi ladies!

My newest summer makeup obsession is colorful eye shadow or eyeliner! I got inspired by Bethany Mota’s water-proof makeup look. She is a fabulous fashion/makeup vlogger, if you guys don’t know her you should check her channel out! In her look, she showed how to apply purple cream eye shadow to the lower lash line with a thin makeup brush. I thought this was a really pretty summer look that anyone could rock! These are pictures from her video that I am just sharing with you to show you how to create this awesome look for the warm days ahead!

Step one:


Step two:



Step 3, smile and be confident with your new vibrant eyes!



I personally love this pretty purple color that she chose, I would  totally wear it myself, but you can try other colors as well. Light colors like baby blue and light pink also look great, if you have darker skin you can even try colors like yellow, orange, and green, if you are feeling bold.

Tip: Apply a colorful eyeliner/shadow to only your upper OR lower lash line, while also keeping the rest of your makeup neutral.

Have a fantastic start of summer!

Miri xx

Pop Of Color – Summer Makeup

The Star Trend

Hi guys! Thank you for stopping by to check out my post today 🙂 I have been pretty busy finishing school projects and getting ready for summer, but I had just enough time to squeeze in my thoughts on a trend I am currently loving.

Starry eyed: D&G are putting stars on everything this season from shirts and skirts to bags and earrings

I’m seeing stars everywhere, and boy are they cute!! I love to accessorize with this print. Even if you think that you don’t own any clothing with the star print on it, look again, you are probably wrong!

This is a really fun trend to follow and anybody can pull it off.  One rule that I have for you is to only have one star shape per outfit.

Stars remind me of when I was a little kid, but I don’t take that as a bad thing at all! This trend always seems to make a comeback as a stylish and cute print that you can mix and match with at any age. This print always sneaks itself into spring and fall runways. I love stars don’t you? 🙂

I would really love to have a pair of some hot star print jeans or shorts that many celebs have been rocking. Too look your best, try to keep your outfit as  simplistic as possible, because this print is the star of the show and doesn’t need anything else taking the spotlight.

Star Design

Thanks for reading loves! Any thoughts on this hot trend?


The Star Trend