Wow!! Words cannot describe how grateful I am that all of you are reading and supporting my blog! I started this blog last summer, on a whim, not knowing what would happen. I started writing about fashion just for fun, because I cared about it, but not because I thought anyone else cared about what I had to say. Yet soon I realized that I wanted more than my close friends to read my blog, which is where all of you have stepped in and transformed my blogging experience. I immersed myself in the crazy and amazing world of blogging by reading other people’s blogs and all of your comments and opinions on my blog. This collaborative effort has given me new perspective and boosted my self-confidence, allowing me to spread my word to more and more fans. Thank you for helping me achieve my goal of reaching a whopping 200 followers! I am totally shocked and truly humbled. Thanks again to all of you for your readership, feedback, and support! I wish you all luck in your own fashion/blogging endeavors. Love you all!





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