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Rip off those jeans, and put on those shorts!

26 Apr

“Rip off those jeans and put on those shorts” because it is almost summer time, baby! It has finally begun to warm up where I live and I’m really excited to start wearing my shorts! Now when I say shorts, I don’t mean running shorts or knee long jean shorts (LAME.) I mean cute jean shorts! I wouldn’t go for just your plain old blue jean shorties, I would try to be a little more… bold this summer and spring. Go for printed, and colorful, even leather, shorts. May I just add that if your skin is dark or very tan, neon shorts will look amazing on you! Remember that if your shorts are already printed, do not wear a printed top with them unless you really know what you’re doing. Add a cute pair of sandals, flats, or sneakers with your shorts; avoid boots and crocs. If you don’t feel it’s appropriate to wear neon or floral shorts at your age, then just settle for nude or pastel colored shorts. Colors like white, beige, “sand”, even burgundy and faded colored short shorts might be the best fit for you! Everywhere I look in stores right now, I see the cutest shorts on sale, so you must check them out!! There are also some really pretty floral and striped shorts for women that are shown below. If you do decide to wear plain jean short shorts, try to buy shorts that have cool and unique details and designs, which make them special! (:




8 Apr

Wow!! Words cannot describe how grateful I am that all of you are reading and supporting my blog! I started this blog last summer, on a whim, not knowing what would happen. I started writing about fashion just for fun, because I cared about it, but not because I thought anyone else cared about what I had to say. Yet soon I realized that I wanted more than my close friends to read my blog, which is where all of you have stepped in and transformed my blogging experience. I immersed myself in the crazy and amazing world of blogging by reading other people’s blogs and all of your comments and opinions on my blog. This collaborative effort has given me new perspective and boosted my self-confidence, allowing me to spread my word to more and more fans. Thank you for helping me achieve my goal of reaching a whopping 200 followers! I am totally shocked and truly humbled. Thanks again to all of you for your readership, feedback, and support! I wish you all luck in your own fashion/blogging endeavors. Love you all!




My Spring Designs

5 Apr

Spring break has given me some time to just think and draw… So, I came up with some spring outfits inspired by the trends this year. If this was my clothing line I would name it, Trend Setter. I hope you like 🙂

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Love you guys! Please don’t forget to tell me what you think in the comments 🙂