Rainy Days Require Rain Boots

Melting snow and puddles are everywhere. It took a lot to get myself to go take a walk in this weather, but I saved myself a pair of soaked boots by slipping into my black and white polka-dotted¬†rain boots. But this year the rubber boots aren’t seen just on rainy days, people have been sporting them on any day that a puddle is present. They are cute for the spring and fall days. Lots of celebs have been keeping their feet dry in style, like Kate Moss and Jessica Alba. Many people choose to wear stockings over their jeans/leggings, with their boots. Rain boots will get you excited about the cloudy rainy days lying ahead…

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Rainy Days Require Rain Boots

Spring Just Happened!

Aaahh spring is here! Finally the time for floral prints, flats, skirts, printed pants, sunshine, and a fresh breath of air.



Unfortunately for me, the state I live in still has snow on the ground! But, it still feels like spring, and the snow is melting. I was so excited to wear my spring outfit on March 20th. I wore a long sleeved floral shirt with military green jeans and brown boots. ūüôā The picture below is sort of what it looked like.


Now that it is getting warmer, it is time to take your summer dresses out of that box in the back of your closet! If it is still cold but you are feeling in a “springy” mood, then just wear your dress with tights, boots, and a¬†cardigan¬†or jean jacket. Just layer. And although I love stripes and polka dots, spring is the perfect time to¬†frolic¬†in a floral dress! ¬†I promise you, you will get plenty of compliments.


I know you have got to be sick of jeans, Uggs, and sweat shirts, it is time to dress girlier. As long as you don’t look like Peter Pan or ¬†Little Red Riding Hood, then you can be bold and wear colored tights. It is trendy right now!

I really, really, love printed pants. Sometimes, they can be over the  top but you can make your look more grounded. Try pairing a pair of celestial print pants with a basic and solid colored shirt with a blazer and nude heels. Or wear a jean jacket.

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You must master the art of layering clothing. Here are some tips on how to do this: Decide on as many different combinations of clothing as you can. You can choose different necklines, collars, sleeve lengths, and hemlines.


Go crazy with the spring fashion trends guys, it’s spring!

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Spring Just Happened!

Best Dressed at Oscars- Charlize Theron

The Oscars came and went so quickly! I spent the whole time debating who was the best dressed with myself. I couldn’t decide between Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron, but I picked Charlize, as the best dressed.

Charlize wore a white Christian Dior Couture dress with Harry Winston jewelry. Her overall look  was amazing! The gorgeous gown had stunning details. I loved the V at the neckline, which added edge and uniqueness to the already gorgeous white gown. The dress would also be rather boring without the beaded peplum.

The actress must have been inspired by Anne Hathaway and all of the other stars that shaved their hair off, because she did too! It looks so pretty and chic! I applaud her for getting a pixie, it was a bold yet completely right move.

charlize theron oscars

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Best Dressed at Oscars- Charlize Theron