NY Fashion Week- Favorite Looks

Ladies and gentleman, I am so excited to share with you my thoughts on some of these amazing looks from New York Fashion Week! I am so jealous of everyone who lives in New York right now, because they all probably got at least a little bit of a taste of Fashion Week. After spending, a lot of time let’s just say, assessing and noting my thoughts on these pieces of art, I narrowed the looks I love down to thirteen.

Stripes. If I could, I would wear stripes everyday, so I love the designers that decided to focus their looks on stripes. Lets take a look at some of these striped pieces. These are clothes that people can actually wear in real life, not just on the runway. My favorite dress that came down the runway was Marc Jacobs, the optic dress looked amazing on the model. The little purse or clutch that went with it was even striped linear too, I would have loved to own that whole outfit! The second look, again by Marc Jacobs, I think was badly styled, with the blond hair and black underwear, but I am in love with the graphic shirt. The third outfit, by Tommy Hilfiger is adorable! It’s inspired by sailor and tennis outfits. Gotta love those sunglasses!

hbz-Marc-Jacobs-nyfw13-03-lgn Marc-Jacobs-shirt yeshbz-Tommy-Hilfiger-nyfw13-03-lgn

All White. All white suites and dresses are totally in style now, so I really love the following looks. The suit the model below is wearing, by Calvin Klein,  is really structured, and would look amazing on most people. The flowing white dress, by DKNY, is so pretty! I’ts so simple and yet even though it is completely white, it could never be a wedding dress in my eyes. It is for a girl that is going to a fancy party by the ocean.
hbz-Calvin-Klein-RS13-0984-lgn hbz-DKNY-nyfw13-05-lgn

Lace. Vera Wang’s head to toe gold lace dress is to die for. The beautiful details on the dress are truly admirable. The gown is the painting and the model is the frame. Marchesa’s silver lace detailed gown is also gorgeous and is fit for a princess.

Vera-Wang-gold lace


Colorful Outfits. The tomato red dress, by Narcisco Rodriguez, as you see below, is not an average dress. If I could, I would actually wear it. I find it very appealing and chic. Its sex appeal sneaks its way into the dress by covering the model’s chest and and flaunting a sliver of her flat stomach. The designer’s choice of color was very clever, because it totally stands out! I am loving this super cute color blocked outfit by Rodarte. The outfit brought me back to my happy summer days that depicted me laying on my lawn’s bright green grass and starring at the blue sky covered with clouds. 🙂



Geometric shaped outfits. Take a peek at these last looks. Takes your breath away doesn’t it? Now we switch gears to the sexier side of the shows. Rodarte’s geometric dress reminds me of one of my paper “snowflakes” that I made out of black paper. The dress is so creative and cool. The next dress by Calvin Klein is awesome. Need I say more? Oscar De La Renta’s sparkly glammed up princess dress is a stunner. It must have been amazing to see the unique gown walk down the runway. My last favorite look is also by Oscar De La Renta. I am a big fan of jump suits so I was so delighted to find that ODLR chose to create a jumpsuit for their show. Harpersbazaar noted that, “for every voluminous skirt that begged for Betty Draper, there was one that called for Marilyn” (harpersbazaar.com).


Thank you so much for reading!! Please like and comment(:

(Next week I will be covering street style in NY..)

~Miri xxxx

NY Fashion Week- Favorite Looks

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