Valentines Day Outfit/Makeup Ideas

Hi ladies!

Thursday is already Valentines Day, and I just wanted to make sure that you look as lovely as you are on this special day!

I will start with hair and makeup and then transition into clothing.


Look enchanting and pretty with your favorite red or pink lipstick. Moisturize your lips first, then apply the lipstick, and finish with a coat of gloss. (:

For valentines day I always picture long lashes, red lipstick and pink blush.


As for hair, I would opt for a romantic hair style like loose curls or a curly/messy bun.

Valentines Day inspired outfits! ❤


I really favor the colors white and pink for this day because they are just worm and loving colors; people will simply be drawn towards you.


If you want to wear for something more edgy, then try to  incorporate the color red or a deep berry into your outfit. You could match black with the red, but I would opt for white or dark blue.


pink wedges

We must not forget the shoes! If you are going somewhere nice for a dinner, then show of those pink or red heels you have been so hesitant about wearing! Or if you are going somewhere more casual and heels aren’t your thing, then rock those red converse!

audrey-hepburn pink
Pink, flowers, pearls, and audrey hepburn = love!

If you don’t want to wear pink or even red at all then you can always go for the all white look. Like a white dress, or a white suit. It’s a timeless look and you can never go wrong with white! Just remember to wear that red lipstick!!

Lace is the most romantic fabric in the market right now, therefore, if you are a fan, you must wear it!

And don’t forget to finish off your whole look with heart studs and cute nails!


I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day and share it with people you adore (:

Thanks for reading!


Miri xxx

Valentines Day Outfit/Makeup Ideas

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