Dress Like A Princess

Hi ladies!

I am sorry for not posting for a while, I was really busy! 😦

Everybody girl has a favorite princess, and luckily you can dress like her too!  And no, I do not mean that you should go look for a mermaid tail or glass slippers but you can wear clothes inspired by her! On Polyvore I created 4 sets inspired by my four favorite princesses, Jasmine, Ariel, Cinderella, and Pocahontas.


The set above is inspired by Cinderella! Incorporate blues, silvers, and pinks into your outfit for the “Cinderella” look. Don’t forget some cute silver heels!


To dress like  Jasmine, wear the colors; baby blue, purple, and gold. I love the combination of the floral shirt with chunky gold jewelry.   For makeup, try wearing a little liquid eyeliner or purple colored lipstick.


I went a little bit wild with this one because I absolutely love the style that you can incorporate into a Pocahontas inspired outfit! Tribal prints, nude colors, and reds and blues are her thing. You can wear feathered earrings with a tribal skirt, dress, scarf, or shirt. Go for artsy rings and necklaces. And be bold with red lipstick!


Ariel! Wear pretty purples and sea foam greens. (Seashell or starfish earrings won’t make anybody suspicious that you are trying to dress like your favorite princess…) The purple and green is enough in one outfit so  wear your nude heels or flats for shoes. Then finish off your look with red or bright pink lipstick!

Which princess modern day look would you wear? Please comment below 🙂

Thanks for reading! And dreams do come true,

~Miri xxx

Dress Like A Princess

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