Timeless Fashion Trend: Fur

This is a very controversial trend for many people. Even I struggle to decide if I like the way a designer chose to style fur on a runway.carolina-engman-in-new-york

Fur is very often seen on winter and fall runways. It is high fashion and you really have to be confident in yourself to wear it. I wasn’t really paying much attention to it this year until I noticed that many famous bloggers were rocking it! I was very inspired by the fashionistas who took the risk to wear fur. I thought that regular people don’t actually wear much fur but then I realized that I had to think again when I was walking the street and saw a woman wearing a cute fur vest over a black long-sleeve and black pants.


If you love fur but have no idea how to wear it then here are some tips for ya!

1. Fur goes naturally with leather, if you just look at the first picture. Try pairing your fur coat/vest with your leather pants/leggings or slip your leather jacket under the vest!

2. “For a powerful, masculine-inspired look influenced by the 30s and 40s pair a luxe fur coat with some tailored wide-legged pants” (fashionising.com)

3. Opt for flared or skinny jeans.


Real or fake, it does not matter. If you’re not comfortable wearing fur then don’t feel that you have to. And if you are comfortable wearing it, enjoy it whether its real or not. People who wear real fur love it for its luxurious feel and its reputation as a symbol of wealth and glamour. Faux fur is just much cheaper, and makes animal-rights sympathizers happy. I would not wear real fur if any of you were wondering).

If you are not comfortable with a full on fur coat or even vest then cut down to little pieces like scarves, hats, and fur lined boots or gloves. You can still add a cozy touch of fur to any outfit.


Personally, I would never wear go for the “all over” fur look. The giant fur coats are too much for me, but I do like it on others. I like the vintage vibe of fur coats and scarves. I think of the black and white movies that show the glamorous women wearing fur coats, hats, and etc. outside. Fur is timeless, even if you don’t like it, you must at least admire it. Fur has been fashionable ever since the world could remember.

I am a fan of fur…just not dyed and colored fur. Blue, red, or yellow fur that has made its way down many runways makes me scowl. To me, it looks ridiculous, crazy, and gross. I also do not find boots that are completely covered in fur flattering at all. Lets just add fur shorts to the list!

Many beautiful garments that looked great on their own turned into works of art when fur was attached to them.



I am speaking in the name of fashion and am simply reporting a trend that has always been, and will be.

Thanks for reading loves!

~Miri xxx

Timeless Fashion Trend: Fur

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