The Liebster Award

I am so honored to have been nominated for The Liebster Blog Award. For those of you who don’t know how this works , the award is given to new bloggers with less then 200 followers. This helps other bloggers discover their blogs. You are supposed to answer the 11 questions asked for you and come up with 11 new for 11 other bloggers. Instead of 11, I will nominate 5 lovely blogs. (sorry) I will not be doing 11 facts about myself because I already have done this in the past.

Also before I start, I wanted to inform you that I accidentally deleted my “Enough With The Straight Hair” post, so sorry if you didn’t get to read that. 😦 I will also not be updating my blog until the fifth, because I will be on winter vacation until then.



11 Questions

1. Who is your fashion icon?

My fashion icon is Audrey Hepburn. She is impossible to forget because she wore such timeless and stylish clothes like the black cocktail dress from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

2. What is/was your favorite trend of 2012?

My favorite trend of 2012 was the leather clothing like pants and skirts.



3. What is your favorite magazine/fashion magazine and why?

I LOVE Teen Vogue because of the colorful and stylish photo’s. It also has many tips on makeup and fashion for teens.

4. Currently, what artist or song can you not get enough of?

I can’t get enough of Ingrid Michelson. Every time that I think that I have listened to everyone of her songs, I just find a new one, and always love it.

5. Who or what is the biggest inspiration in your life?

Fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel.

6. What is your favorite beauty product?


7. What is your “go-to” fragrance?

Hmm…I love Pink Chiffon, which is a Bath and Body Works fragrance.

8. Why did you start blogging?

I wanted to write about Fashion and share my opinions.

9. Do you have a favorite celebrity blog or blogger that you admire?

I love the blog, VivaLuxery. She has the most amazing and creative outfits!! I have many blogs that I admire though.

vivaluxury_jcrew_Bow_coat_leather_pants-1vivaluxury+annabelle fleur+pink and pepper-2

10. Favorite item in your closet?

I love my Micheal Kors boots, I wear them all the time!

11. What are you going to wear on New Year’s Eve?

I am wearing my sparkly long sleeved shirt from Wet Seal with my Charlotte Russe  turquoise pencil skirt. 🙂

Okay and now 11 questions for my fellow bloggers:

1. What clothing can’t you live without? 

2.Who is your favorite fashion designer?

3. Who your fashion idol?

4. What is your favorite season and why?

5. What was your favorite trend this year?

6. What celebrities have you met? If you didn’t who could you wish you did? 

7. What is your favorite book?

8. What is the coolest place you have been too?

9. If you could choose anywhere to live, where would you?

10. Who is your favorite judge on the X factor?

11. What is your fashion trend do you hate this year and why?

These are the bloggers I nominate:






So check these blogs out! Sorry I would have nominated more but I am running out of time.

I am really excited to read your responses!

~Thanks for reading!!

~Miri xxx

The Liebster Award

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