A Floral Winter

I was just playing around on Polyvore and decided that I like the theme of a floral winter. I presented some tips on how you could style your floral clothing this season, and hopefully inspired you to take out that floral skirt you have put away for the cold weather.

winter wonderland

floral winter

The pictures above were created by me.

Floral patterns can seem hard to work with during this the winter because they are normally seen as a summer dominant pattern. I love the whole idea of “seasonless” dressing. You can totally recycle of your clothes through out the whole year! Floral’s can actually be a winter-must-have if you style them correctly. You can wear your floral tank top with a black sweater or cardigan completed with a pair of jeans! Or style any sweater with a floral scarf. Another option is to pair your black tights with your pretty floral skirt and wedge boots. It is easy, but the key is to layer.

Scarves, tights, and belts are your best friends! Replace your flip-flops with boots, and your jean jacket with a leather jacket. The styling options are endless.

Keep in mind that if you choose to wear a floral skirt you have to wear a neutral shirt on top.

“Sheer tights not only defeat the purpose of helping you stay warm but they can look very 1985 with a floaty frock (smh.com)”

Ladies, it is the time to showcase your own style statement, so unpack your floral clothing, and layer, layer, LAYER!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week! 🙂

~Miri xxxx

A Floral Winter

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