Icy Silver

This is the perfect color for the cold winter. Whether it’s metallic clothing, silver sequined, or plane silver, wear it all! If you want just a touch of silver then add a silver metallic handbag, silver belt, bangles, or shoes. All of these are great additions to your wardrobe. If you really want to shine then wear a disco-silver tank or skirt! I think that blue, white, and shades of black go well with silver. I wouldn’t opt for bright colors, but if you want to create your own style then try the colors that you think look best ;). Silver is the face of your outfit so that is why you have to wear solid colors with it. “By keeping the color palette of your other clothing simple you will avoid looking overdone and instead look elegant and refined.”~yahoo

I am all for silver this winter so go for it!

“…what we appreciate most is how [silver] meshes so effortlessly with just about any outfit.”~http://www.whowhatwear.com.


Photo Credits to: Lenna P.

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~Miri xxxx

Icy Silver

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