Colorful Hair!

All of the sudden people have been coming to school with their hair dyed blue or pink, it’s crazy. I first saw this trend begin with Nicki Manaj, no surprise there. That’s okay for her though, since she always wears wigs, but how about everyone else? Hair like this can reach borderline ‘My Little Pony’, so don’t dye your hair in extremely neon colors or several colors, choose one! Katy Perry also had this interesting phase, where her whole head was dyed pink or purple. I don’t even know. Demi Lavoto and Xfactor buddy, Brittney Spears, have also been trying to pull off this look. Even celebrities like Dakota Fanning, Selena Gomez, and Chloe Moretz tried the “highlighter hued manes”. They choose to dip dye, attach extensions, or just highlight their hair. However, I actually like it, because it looks playful and fun. This is a great look for teenagers, but women in their thirties, such as Carry Underwood or Brittany Spears, shouldn’t be doing this. If I were blonde. I would get pink or blue highlights. For red colored hair, I would recommend pink or mint green highlights. Brunettes should get purple! I may even consider trying this in the near future. I am not afraid, so don’t be either, risk it! Be creative! What do you think of this look?

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Thank you for reading!!!


Miri xxx

Colorful Hair!

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