It is the perfect time to talk about bangs because my friends, I GOT THEM!!! It was so exciting to finally get a new haircut. I had the same boring hair for the past like 3 years. Ahh, a sigh of refreshment. The hair cutter asked me,

“Are you sure about this?”

I replied, “Lets do this, it will be epic!!”

She started by trimming the ends of my hair then adding in layers, and moving to the bangs. The hair cutter finished by straightening my bangs, and it looked so pretty! Many people told me that I am unrecognizable, or very edgy and stylish now.

My bangs!

Even if you don’t see many people wearing bangs, it is just because they are afraid of change. If you have a small forehead and straight hair, there is nothing to loose! If you have wavy hair like me, you can still pull bangs off. Don’t listen to  the people that tell you that nobody looks good in bangs or they will look awful on you, because they are probably not right! If you get inspired and think bangs are what you have been looking for all your life, go for it!! Even if you have curly hair, you can still pull bangs off, just don’t straighten them. The only problem with my bangs is that when I don’t straighten them each strand goes in a different direction, or does the “Justin Bieber flow”. Do you have any recommendations, for those of you who have had bangs before?

If you got ’em, flaunt ’em. Bangs bring out the eyes and frame the face.

My pretty cousin ❤

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How to Style Maxi Dresses in Winter

This post is for all of you maxi-dress lovers! Although I bet you would love to wear your bright floral dress again this year, I recommend to go for cooler colors and prints for the winter. Sometimes it can be hard to put your favorite and comfortable maxi dress to the back of your wardrobe once the cold weather starts. So stop right there and consider it for the winter!

There are many ways that you can pull off your favorite maxi dress in the winter. Wear your dress with a chunky cable knit sweater over the dress finished with desert ankle boots. Or try wearing it with a shearling aviator style jacket with wedge ankle boots. Try the long-line and boyfriend blazer over your maxi with heeled boots. If you want to make your outfit more edgy and cool go for your favorite leather jacket and flat buckle boots! If you aren’t into boots then put some flats on! Don’t forget your scarf!

This is another user’s set

I love how she added a simple gray sweater over this pretty blue and gray maxi. She also added a scarf for a bright pop of color. Scarves and maxi dresses are just meant to be! She added a casual pair of gray keds. Through on your favorite white or black hat and gloves and go grab a cup of Coffee.

I created this on a lovely site called Polyvore

I love how Diana styled her dark blue polka dotted dress with a camel coat. It is such a casual yet fashion forward look.

This fabulous blogger managed to pull of this dark floral dress. It is good for winter because the dress it’s self is not happy and bright, therefore it depends on the type of floral dress you have. She topped it with a simple jean jacket. She could wear this dress with a brown or black leather jacket too if she was going to stay outside. If you will be inside then switch your warm coat for a jean jacket!

If you don’t know if maxi dresses are right for you or need more advice on how to wear them I did a post on maxi-dresses for the summer.


1. Use winter accessories like scarves.
2. Don’t be afraid to wear hats and gloves!
3. Keep your waist with jackets and cardigans that flatter you around the middle.
4. Mix patterns with block colors.

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How to Style Maxi Dresses in Winter

Icy Silver

This is the perfect color for the cold winter. Whether it’s metallic clothing, silver sequined, or plane silver, wear it all! If you want just a touch of silver then add a silver metallic handbag, silver belt, bangles, or shoes. All of these are great additions to your wardrobe. If you really want to shine then wear a disco-silver tank or skirt! I think that blue, white, and shades of black go well with silver. I wouldn’t opt for bright colors, but if you want to create your own style then try the colors that you think look best ;). Silver is the face of your outfit so that is why you have to wear solid colors with it. “By keeping the color palette of your other clothing simple you will avoid looking overdone and instead look elegant and refined.”~yahoo

I am all for silver this winter so go for it!

“…what we appreciate most is how [silver] meshes so effortlessly with just about any outfit.”~


Photo Credits to: Lenna P.

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Icy Silver

Military Inspired Clothing

Some military details I love, but some are ugly. Everyone either loves or hates the olive green color seen in the pictures below. Many women love the flap pockets and golden buttons, while others like more feminine and pretty details. Let me know what you think in the comments!

The balmain jackets are very broad shouldered with the pads and double breasted buttons. They can make a petite girl look really wide and clunky!

Also where is the line drawn between costume and clothing?

You can dress the military inspired jacket up or down. Create a super casual look with some jeans and boots, maybe over a floral ruffled shirt of your choosing. Your favorite print can go with this color since it is a neutral. In the Teen Vogue shoot, the stylist chose to pair the green trench coat with a leapard print and an oxford shirt. Try to pair it with brown leather leggings! Mix different trends.

Do you like the olive green colored jackets or pants? I personally believe the color is very ugly. It is a mixture of camel with dark green and creates the ugly military color.

On the other hand, it is a neutral that can go with everything, it was seen all over the fall runways and stars like Beyonce were found sporting it. She paired an army green jacket with a gray tee shirt and cropped camo pants.

How to wear it?

Military clothing is not just olive green dresses or jackets. All you need to do is add a touch of something that looks military inspired such as buttons, chains, and structured collars! A very sexy and chic look is a black military dress or long trench coat with a pair of black boots to match. Another great option is camel! These can all be military inspired!

What to look for:

  • Brass buttons
  • Navy
  • Cargo pockets
  • Pleating
  • Belt loops

  • Double-breasted front
  • Flap Pockets
  • Zipper detailing
  • Cuff sleeves
  • Army Green

“Military details have been always around, but not always as obvious as at this moment — with all the feminine details that have been extremely popular recently, it’s the perfect time to layer in that ‘boy’ element.”~Marissa Webb, J.Crew’s vice president of women’s design

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Military Inspired Clothing

Colorful Hair!

All of the sudden people have been coming to school with their hair dyed blue or pink, it’s crazy. I first saw this trend begin with Nicki Manaj, no surprise there. That’s okay for her though, since she always wears wigs, but how about everyone else? Hair like this can reach borderline ‘My Little Pony’, so don’t dye your hair in extremely neon colors or several colors, choose one! Katy Perry also had this interesting phase, where her whole head was dyed pink or purple. I don’t even know. Demi Lavoto and Xfactor buddy, Brittney Spears, have also been trying to pull off this look. Even celebrities like Dakota Fanning, Selena Gomez, and Chloe Moretz tried the “highlighter hued manes”. They choose to dip dye, attach extensions, or just highlight their hair. However, I actually like it, because it looks playful and fun. This is a great look for teenagers, but women in their thirties, such as Carry Underwood or Brittany Spears, shouldn’t be doing this. If I were blonde. I would get pink or blue highlights. For red colored hair, I would recommend pink or mint green highlights. Brunettes should get purple! I may even consider trying this in the near future. I am not afraid, so don’t be either, risk it! Be creative! What do you think of this look?

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Colorful Hair!