Slippers or Shoes?

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I think many of you know what I am talking about. Maybe it’s just where I live that people are very laid back and lazy about what they wear. I mean one time I saw a girl walk to the store in pajamas! Come on! Leave the pajamas at home guys!! And please, the slippers too. It is a known fact that you can be comfy but at the same time still fashionable. But I am not getting into clothes today I want to discuss shoes. I was at the mall about a week ago and I noticed a girl walking around in blue fuzzy/crazy slippers. Really?! Why is it so hard to wear normal shoes guys? I wear boots all winter long and I am very happy and comfy in them, while other girls wear slippers or Uggs all winter long and also are very comfy. Obviously, I am happy you are comfy, but slippers are meant for home! Shoes that are meant to be worn outside are just as comfy but way more stylish and cute!! Lets look at what I mean.

Stylish black boots vs Ugly black slippers. What would you wear? šŸ˜‰
The shoes on the right are a lot nicer and prettier for going out. Their shapes are similar but the shoes on the right are too slipper like and “Pocahontas” for me.
Again you can wear a shoe much more pretty and flattering then a Ugg slipper. Show some fashion sense people! If you are concerned about cold weather then wear a leather boot!

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Slippers or Shoes?

One thought on “Slippers or Shoes?

  1. Hey thanx for the comment on my blog:)I cannot agree with you more!!I hate it when people come out in their home clothes or slippers to in appropriate places!!But here in Japan people are always so well dressed and sometimes weirdly dressed:)I feel under dressed most of the times..

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