Is Camel the new Black?

Camel is one of the trendiest colors for fall and winter. If I could I would buy myself all of the following:

A camel trench or coat, camel trousers, camel shoes, camel bag, camel sweatshirt, camel pants, camel blazer, camel dress, and camel pencil skirt. I think that’s everything! πŸ˜‰

Why is camel considered the new black? One, Camel goes with EVERYTHING! Two, camel is classy and chick. Three, camel can be worn to any occation. Wear it to work or school. Wear it to a party. Wear it in the cold. Where it even when its warm! Camel, my friends, is a fashion miracle, like black.

Camel has been seen on many fall and winter runways. How do people wear camel clothes and how do designers like Micheal Kors and Sarah McCartney style it?

In the winter warm yourself with a camel trench/coat. Make the outfit casual by simply pairing the coat with black leggings or pants. You can make the outfit pop with red jeans and some cool lace up boots or something.Β  Or, wear your camel coat or blazer with black trousers. Speaking of trousers, wear your camel trousers with a cute white shirt or black shirt. I’m all for a cute black turtle neck sweatshirt. I would add a red or brown bag and dark camel colored shoes. Layer your outfit with a cute necklace. Fancy it up with a pretty camel dress, that you can wear a black blazer with.

Remember that the colors that go best with camel are red, black, brown, nude, green, and white. Mix and match with prints! Micheal Kors said that prints go very well with rich fall colors. So wear a pretty floral or cheetah shirt with your camel skirt or pants for example.

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I am sorry for not updating this blog in a while! I have been very busy.

Thank you so much for reading!

What do you think? Is camel the new black?

~Miri xxxx

Is Camel the new Black?

10 thoughts on “Is Camel the new Black?

  1. Abby says:

    I totally agree! Camel is a gorgeous color and goes great with everything! Also, I’m loving the slideshow. Great post, Miri! πŸ˜€

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