The Oxford Shirt

I love striped button down shirts, they look so classy! The oxford shirts is just one of those boyfriend shirts that look great on girls!  You can make your outfit either laid back and chic or boring and bland. Here is how to make your self look good in the oxford shirt: For a cool and comfortable look, wear your shirt with some black leggings and brown knee high boots with some striped socks peaking out. You can tuck your shirt into a floral skirt for a really sweet girly look. You can totally pull this look off for work by wearing it with a pencil skirt of your choice or with a pair of white or black pants. Another great way to wear it is to unbutton it over a dress. Or you can just through it over a pair of skinny jeans, colored or classic and tuck it into a cute belt. Snazz up your outfit with some layered necklaces, I especially love those collar necklaces. Unbutton a few buttons and wear a really pretty tank top under it. In the summer tuck the oxford shirt into some high-waisted jean shorts. The last option I can think of, is to wear it under a vest (if you can pull that one off) or wear it under a chunky sweatshirt or cardigan so that the sleeves and collar only show. This could really be your go-to style when a T-shirt won’t quite cut it.

Check out how they styled their shirts 🙂

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The Oxford Shirt

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