UGG’s Stand For Ugly

If you have convinced your selves that Uggs are cute or pretty…I disagree. Are you one of those people that think this: “They’re plain, soft, warm, comfy, and go with almost any outfit”. My opinion? Uggs are hideous!  Okay don’t get me wrong, I’m an not that stubborn or narrow minded that I wouldn’t agree that they are really comfy and warm. Yes, they may be great to wear as slippers on a  cold day, or warm your feet after a cold ocean or skiing trip. But Uggs were not developed and sold originally for fashion. They were sold for people to warm their feet. Uggs were not meant for all day wear. Why would anyone wear Uggs to school or even worse WORK? I’m sorry but that is just wrong. Most likely you are not sitting outside in the winter at school or work so there is no reason for you to wear Uggs. Secondly Uggs don’t go with anything! It looks SO funny when a girl wears a skirt or shorts with Uggs!! It looks tacky and just bad! And when would that ever be weather appropriate? When would it be hot enough to wear a skirt but cold enough to wear Eskimo shoes? Uggs only look half decent with skinny jeans tucked in, but even at that… They make your feet look huge. Not to mention their shape is so.. round? They don’t flatter your feet like a cute pair of fall boots would. Please do yourself a favor and don’t wear Uggs!

But Okay I did make the mistake of buying Uggs in seventh grade! GASP! Yep, so now you know. But trust me that will never happen again! Now I will tell you that I only did this to fit in with all the girls who wore Uggs and thought it was cool. I did not think they were cute.

How about a nice pair of brown leather boots instead?

Gray is such a sad color..but Uggs make it sadder


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UGG’s Stand For Ugly

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