How To Wear: Oversized Sweaters

Over sized sweaters are so in for fall and winter! There are many different ways to cozy up in over sized sweater.

1. Wear your gray sweater with black leggings. Leggings never go out of style so don’t store them away! Finish of the look with some black knee high boots.

2. Rock your statement pants with a big sweater.

3. You can totally wear your wide legged trousers with an over sized sweater. Remember to keep your boots high and the knit fine.

4. Add a dash of spunk with a pair of leather or lace shorts. Be creative!

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~Miri xxx


How To Wear: Oversized Sweaters

5 thoughts on “How To Wear: Oversized Sweaters

  1. ashleyriser says:

    Love, love, love oversized sweaters. But, they’re hard to wear if you’re chesty ’cause it just ends up looking like you’re wearing a tent.

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