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Colored Mascara

30 Sep

This trend is seen all over the place during New York Fashion Week and I have to say that this is an “odd” makeup trend is surprisingly super attractive. It bring so much sparkle and light and interest to your eyes, which let’s face it, is a great feature on just about everybody. It also makes the white of your eyes pop making them look big and beautiful with less yellow tint. I’m not sure if it’s good for a more conservative office environment but on a weekend with a bare face, I think this look totally rocks. Confidence is key! In my opinion it is not okay to wear anything other than black or brown unless you have perfect skin, and a young face. Believe me, I saw an old woman wearing blue mascara and it just looked really silly and weird. Look for colored mascara in stores like Dior, Maybelline, YSL, and Sephora. The most populair color is blue but purple and green are got too. To not look really over the top just put the colored mascara on the top lash and brown or black mascara on the bottom lash. Finish off the look with a light pink or nude lip with some gloss.  What do you think of this look?

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The Oxford Shirt

28 Sep

I love striped button down shirts, they look so classy! The oxford shirts is just one of those boyfriend shirts that look great on girls!  You can make your outfit either laid back and chic or boring and bland. Here is how to make your self look good in the oxford shirt: For a cool and comfortable look, wear your shirt with some black leggings and brown knee high boots with some striped socks peaking out. You can tuck your shirt into a floral skirt for a really sweet girly look. You can totally pull this look off for work by wearing it with a pencil skirt of your choice or with a pair of white or black pants. Another great way to wear it is to unbutton it over a dress. Or you can just through it over a pair of skinny jeans, colored or classic and tuck it into a cute belt. Snazz up your outfit with some layered necklaces, I especially love those collar necklaces. Unbutton a few buttons and wear a really pretty tank top under it. In the summer tuck the oxford shirt into some high-waisted jean shorts. The last option I can think of, is to wear it under a vest (if you can pull that one off) or wear it under a chunky sweatshirt or cardigan so that the sleeves and collar only show. This could really be your go-to style when a T-shirt won’t quite cut it.

Check out how they styled their shirts 🙂

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Denim Jacket

25 Sep

I LOVE this look for fall! Denim is a wonderful invention so wear other clothes made out of Denim besides jeans! You have to have this in your closet!! Skip the sweatshirt, through on a jean jacket instead! What ever you do though, don’t wear your jacket with jeans! It’s like wearing a leather jacket with leather pants. Or a pink shirt with pink pants. You can wear the jacket over anything except for jeans (and sweat pants). Wear the jacket with a dress or a pencil skirt or a pair of colored pants. This fun and edgy fashion statement is timeless, and if you find a good denim jacket that fits you and is in a classic cut, you’ll have a jacket for many years to come.

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UGG’s Stand For Ugly

21 Sep

If you have convinced your selves that Uggs are cute or pretty…I disagree. Are you one of those people that think this: “They’re plain, soft, warm, comfy, and go with almost any outfit”. My opinion? Uggs are hideous!  Okay don’t get me wrong, I’m an not that stubborn or narrow minded that I wouldn’t agree that they are really comfy and warm. Yes, they may be great to wear as slippers on a  cold day, or warm your feet after a cold ocean or skiing trip. But Uggs were not developed and sold originally for fashion. They were sold for people to warm their feet. Uggs were not meant for all day wear. Why would anyone wear Uggs to school or even worse WORK? I’m sorry but that is just wrong. Most likely you are not sitting outside in the winter at school or work so there is no reason for you to wear Uggs. Secondly Uggs don’t go with anything! It looks SO funny when a girl wears a skirt or shorts with Uggs!! It looks tacky and just bad! And when would that ever be weather appropriate? When would it be hot enough to wear a skirt but cold enough to wear Eskimo shoes? Uggs only look half decent with skinny jeans tucked in, but even at that… They make your feet look huge. Not to mention their shape is so.. round? They don’t flatter your feet like a cute pair of fall boots would. Please do yourself a favor and don’t wear Uggs!

But Okay I did make the mistake of buying Uggs in seventh grade! GASP! Yep, so now you know. But trust me that will never happen again! Now I will tell you that I only did this to fit in with all the girls who wore Uggs and thought it was cool. I did not think they were cute.

How about a nice pair of brown leather boots instead?

Gray is such a sad color..but Uggs make it sadder


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Crazy Yet Stylish Sunglasses

15 Sep

I am not talking about party sunglasses with money signs in the middle. I am talking about the stylish lady gaga type sunglasses that made their way down runways this season. I think it is fun to play around with your sunglasses. I love the funky shapes and bold colors. Although I do recognize that these shades are not for everyone, owning at least one pair of wacky shades is fun! You might be surprised when you fall in love with your wild sunglasses. Who knows when you might feel like wearing them?

Trends That I Love:

  • Round/circular
  • Shaded in with a color
  • Different prints and patterns
  • Cat eye
  • Bold Colored

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How To Wear: Oversized Sweaters

13 Sep

Over sized sweaters are so in for fall and winter! There are many different ways to cozy up in over sized sweater.

1. Wear your gray sweater with black leggings. Leggings never go out of style so don’t store them away! Finish of the look with some black knee high boots.

2. Rock your statement pants with a big sweater.

3. You can totally wear your wide legged trousers with an over sized sweater. Remember to keep your boots high and the knit fine.

4. Add a dash of spunk with a pair of leather or lace shorts. Be creative!

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Kristen Stewart Floral Fail

9 Sep

Kristen’s dress surprisingly got a very good response from the social media, but I think this dress is very unattractive. She wore an embroidered black lace Zuhair Murad sheath teamed with Jimmy Choo pumps and a slicked-back pony at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of On the Road. As you may know, I am not a fan of floral prints in general, some I can stand, but this one made me want to puke. The dress may have looked nicer if it was short sleeved and didn’t have that ugly see through fabric that mimics a gymnastics leotard. Additionally, black lace combined with red roses, reminds me of a funeral. It also bothers me that there is a rose covering each of her breasts, it doesn’t look good. Although I do like that she took a simple approach to accessorizing. This dress may have been memorable, but for me, it was for all the wrong reasons. What do you think?


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